Yasmin Sheikh on Luna the Vampire


So, like… Luna. She seems cool, I guess. What stuff does she like?
Luna’s favorite things in life are: Playing Tako Tako Dance (The best space dancing videogame of all times), eating space chips (any flavor will do except for smoked purple ham) and sleeping. The list of things she doesn’t like is probably a lot longer than this one.

Does she have cool friends?
If you think an overexcited space witch named Helga that gets you into trouble like ALL the time is cool… But I think her coolest friend by far is her pet Moopsy, always loyal as long as you feed him.

If we went to get burritos together, what kind would she order?
Sloppy cheezy ones, topped with chips.

Is she a blood sucking vampire?
Of course! But only blood orange juice. There are no humans in space so no need for sucking necks, which is kind of old fashioned anyways. I think she’d rather eat a space burger.

What’s her biggest pet peeve?
Being extremely lazy and grumpy.

Is she scared of any space monsters?
Giant spiders, but I think we are all afraid of giant spiders.

What did she go as for Halloween? They do that in space, right?
As a Human baby of course, the scariest thing in space. Obviously.

What’s her favorite planet to visit?
It’s a tie between the planet housing the Mall and the Planet housing the Arcade and Comic book store. But if she had to choose between going out and staying in her ship she’d choose to stay in, playing videogames under a pile of blankets.[/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]


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