Tom Tomorrow Brings “This Modern World” To IDW


The Award Winning Cartoonist Celebrates 25th Anniversary With Two Upcoming Collections


Just in time for a crazy election year, celebrated American political cartoonist Tom Tomorrow has teamed with IDW to release Crazy Is The New Normal—a brand new collection featuring the best This Modern World strips from the past three years!
The gang’s all here as the war drum of doom signals the encroaching apocalypse that is the 2016 American Presidential race―with special guest The Incredible Trump! Serious, elevated discourse and political correctness need not apply. One thing’s for sure, in 2016 Crazy Is The New Normal, and Tom Tomorrow is the only guiding light fit to lead us into that darkness!
Speaking of prior years, This Modern World had a huge 2015, drawing in over $310,000 through Kickstarter for a two-volume, hardcover set called 25 Years of Tomorrow.


Of course it didn’t hurt to have Eddie Vedder himself offering up a signed guitar as a stretch goal! Building on that success, this November IDW will offer a new printing of this edition for mass market audiences.
Both of these collections are a tribute to Tom Tomorrow’s longevity as not only one of today’s greatest American cartoonists but also one of its most relevant political satirists. Tom’s unique voice is more relevant to making sense of today’s political climate than ever before and these collections showcase the Pulitzer finalist in his prime, making them an essential snapshot of modern American politics for generations to come.


“I’m genuinely excited to finally be able to announce this partnership,” says Tom. “I’m so grateful for the enthusiasm and support of my Kickstarter backers, which made it possible for me to publish my dream project in the first place — but if I hadn’t been approached by IDW, that’s where it would have ended. Now those books will have an extended life, with further printings and bookstore distribution, making them available to an even wider audience, and I couldn’t be happier about that. And with the new trade paperback, we’ll also have something for readers who prefer their satirical compilations in more easily digestible packages (though I do advise against literally eating the book).”


CRAZY IS THE NEW NORMAL releases this September in a softcover trade paperback collection followed by TOM TOMORROW: 25 YEARS OF TOMORROW in a hardcover slipcase in November with more projects in the works at IDW Publishing.