The X-Files: Season 11 starts August 12!

The X-FILES: SEASON 11 #1 A - Cover


Mulder has become a fugitive from a government that considers him a “secrets stealer” on the order of Julian Assange or Edward Snowden thanks to the mechanizations of “The Glasses-Wearing Man.” It’s up to Scully, and what allies Mulder has left, to work to clear his name and keep the government itself from falling further into the villain’s clutches.

The Eisner-award winning ​​series (2014 Best Colorist Jordie Bellaire)​ The X-Files​ from IDW continues searching for the truth with The X-Files: Season 11,​​ which launches August 12, 2015. The creative team on this project consists of writer, Joe Harris; artist, Matthew Dow Smith; colorist, Jordie Bellaire, with covers by menton3.

Joe Harris tells all (or at least what’s unclassified) about what is coming for Mulder and Scully​:

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