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Coming in July: Parker: The Martini Edition

  Featuring an expansive section of sketches and preliminaries by the artist, with commentary accompanying. You won’t want to miss this oversized special collection, so pre-order your copy! Diamond order code: MAY11 0370 Parker: The Martini Edition HC Darwyn Cooke (w & a & c) Darwyn Cooke‘s first two Parker books, The Hunter and The

Cooke and IDW Present Parker: The Martini Edition

Hardcover compilation of The Hunter and The Outfit Plus art gallery and all-new story Arriving July 2011   San Diego, CA (April 1, 2011) – At WonderCon today, IDW Publishing announced that Darwyn Cooke‘s first two adapted Parker books, THE HUNTER and THE OUTFIT, will be collected in a tremendous, oversized hardcover edition, with an

Darwyn Cooke’s Second Parker Novel Previewed at WonderCon

Prelude to The Outfit offers bargain-price, oversized first look Available in comic stores in July San Diego, CA (March 26, 2010) – IDW Publishing and award-winning creator Darwyn Cooke are pleased to announce an exclusive prelude to The Outfit, the second of Richard Stark‘s Parker novels that Cooke is adapting. Cooke‘s initial Parker release, The

Darwyn Cooke’s Parker is Previewed!

The first 19 pages of THE HUNTER, Darwyn Cooke’s new original graphic novel now on line The Hunter, a 144 page original graphic novel based on Richard Stark’s classic crime-fiction anti-hero will be released in July. IDW Publishing is making the first 19 pages available to readers on our website. The Hunter will be in