Samurai Jack: Quantum Jack Process Art And Quote By Writer Fabian Rangel Jr.


Samurai Jack: Quantum Jack #1 in stores TOMORROW! 

“When we (Warwick and I) were approached about pitching ideas for a new Samurai Jack series, we were told that Genndy wanted the new comic to be its own thing, something that would stand apart from not only the show, but also the comics that came before. This was also before the new season started, so yeah, it was a challenge to say the least. The pitch would have to create a new direction and have it make sense with the series we all know and love, and of course, and it would have to be fun! Luckily, the idea to have Jack jumping from alternate versions of himself was intriguing enough for the powers that be to give us the green light.


With Jack’s core mission of going back in time being sidetracked temporarily, we were able to really let our imaginations run wild by thinking of different roles Jack could play. Each of these stories has been a blast to write, and Warwick’s design work is just phenomenal.


In this series we find Jack confused, and inhabiting versions of himself that are completely different, but have shades of familiarity. He’s being thrust into these roles by a mysterious incident that we hint at through the series, and eventually reveal in issue five. When this book is done, it’ll be something that we as creators can be super proud of, and for readers, hopefully it’ll be an example of why comics rule so much.” – Fabian Rangel Jr.

Issue #1 Cover Process art by Michael Avon Oeming

Issue #1 Cover Process art by Warwick Johnson-Cadwell