The Bigger Bang #1

The Big Bang created all life as we know it. The Bigger Bang creates just one: a being named Cosmos. Is he a destroyer? A hero? A god? All he knows is that he’s completely alone in what was our universe… so he seeks out another where he’ll try to atone for the sins of his mysterious creation. From the inventive minds of D.J. Kirkbride (Amelia Cole, Never Ending) and Vassilis Gogtzilas (Augusta Wind) comes a sprawling space-epic of multi-dimensional proportions.

“With the THE BIGGER BANG, Kirkbride and Gogtzilas craft a tale full of wonder and horror at the human condition by focusing on life outside our own universe!” – Adam P. Knave (Amelia Cole, Artful Daggers)

AVAILABLE: November 2014
CATEGORIES: The Bigger Bang
TAGS: D.J. Kirkbride, Vassilis Gogtzilas