SideChicks #4


In this issue, Melania Sophronia (A.K.A. Abessa) takes a cash job to help a friend of the AMAZON. After jail house interview, she follows clues and talks to witnesses as she searches for the real murderer. Cover by MC Wyman and Bill Williams. If you’re rich and powerful in a world of heroes and villains with incredible abilities, you’ve got a whole bunch of new headaches to worry about. Like kidnappers who can walk through walls. Or super-assassins who can take you out with a single, impossible shot. Or ticking off the wrong maniac with muscles of steel. But if you’ve got the money, there’s a place you can turn. Personal Security Services is an industry leader in super-powered protection. What’s more, every one of their operatives is exactly the sort of beautiful, poised woman who blends in perfectly in the rarefied circles of the rich and famous. The stories of the women that work for PSS, sometimes known as the SideChicks, unfold every week at

TAGS: Bill Williams, Robb Phipps