Popeye Classic #12

Doctor Doom, Catwoman and Lex Luthor are merely Sea Hag wannabes! Comicdom’s greatest villain and her terrifying vultures take on our One-Eyed Sailor! ‘Thimble Theatre Presents A Tale of Mystery Entitled ‘Witch Whistle’ or ‘Toot! Toot! Tweet!!!’ or ‘Rings, Witches and Radishes!!’ or ‘Pity A Radish Farmer on a Night Like This!’ Starring that Staunch Defender of the Weak and Righter of Wrong, Popeye the Sailor!’ Plus ‘A Damp Story entitled ‘Drip! Drip!”. ”Swee’Pea’s ‘Sea Kite”, ‘Wimpy in ‘The Double Mooch” and even MORE brilliant and hilarious comics by the bodacious Bud Sagendorf!

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