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Haunted Horror #24

$4.99 $1.99$4.99

FC • 48 pages


Preview Haunted Horror #24

Diamond Code: AUG160544

In Store Date: October 2016.

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Product Description

The infamous Fangoria Magazine terrifyingly screams,  “While comprehensive collections of significant series such as Tales from the Crypt and Creepy/Eerie are certainly essential, this collection is snatching up old, forgotten gems and reprinting them for our sticky, little hands. We get to experience writers and artists across the board working on these spooky tales, catching quick looks at bygone creators who might have completely disappeared if it wasn’t for this. Haunted Horror nails the feel of these old pulp comics, from the grim covers to the restored interiors and with the thickly written dialogue, guaranteeing the reader a good thirty minutes of shivering terror.  Grimy, ghoulish, and sinfully devilish, Haunted Horror is effectively bringing old horror to a new generation.”

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