Ghostbusters Reader’s Bundle – 2016


Are you troubled by strange noises in the middle of the night, perhaps caused by a spook, specter, or ghost? If so, the best and perhaps only solution is a satisfying series of stories starring the world’s greatest paranormal investigations and eliminations service to keep you company all the way up into the wee hours. These twelve books represent a cross-rip of epic proportions, featuring extended adventures with interdimensional counterparts, crass competitors, sinister bogeymen, Sumerian deities, and even a quartet of color-coded reptilian martial arts masters. It’s all here — ready and waiting… now who you gonna call?

Purchasing all of these titles would normally cost you $92, now get them all for $69! Save 25%!

• Ghostbusters Volume 1
• Ghostbusters Volume 2
• Ghostbusters Volume 3: Haunted America
• Ghostbusters: Vol. 4 – Who You Gonna Call?
• Ghostbusters (2013-) Vol. 5: The New Ghostbusters
• Ghostbusters (2013-) Vol. 6
• Ghostbusters (2013-) Vol. 7: Happy Horror Days
• Ghostbusters (2013-) Vol. 8: Mass Hysteria, Pt. 1
• Ghostbusters (2013-) Vol. 9: Mass Hysteria, Pt. 2
• Ghostbusters: Get Real
• Ghostbusters Annual 2015