Full Bleed, Vol. 3: Heavy Rotation

The World’s ONLY 200-page print-only hardcover magazine is back with Volume 3, and this is the best one yet! Welcome to HEAVY ROTATION.

Here’s just the beginning: Rolling Stone’s Gavin Edwards chimes in with a lost and unpublished Grant Morrison interview (that is absolutely bonkers), The Fifth Beatle’s Vivek Tiwary pens an essay on the 50th anniversary of Yellow Submarine, Hannah Means-Shannon from Metallica and Scott Ian of Anthrax on their long friendship, and shared love of horror and all things geek.

New comics from Roger Langridge, Josh O’Neill & Gideon Kendall, Adam Knave & Andrew Losq, Kat Kruger & Jen Vaughn, Noah Van Sciver, Julia Alekseyeva, and more! New fiction from Joe Lansdale! New essays from Tini Howard, Abdulkareem Baba Aminu, Jarrett Melendez, Jon Raymond and more!

And we’re just getting started. Like the first two volumes, FULL BLEED, Vol. 3: Heavy Rotation has a surprise in store on every page.

FULL BLEED, Vol. 1 was a smash hit, and it’s… sold out! But did you miss out on FULL BLEED, Vol. 2? It’s still available below!

AVAILABLE: January 2019
ISBN: 978-1-68405-532-6
Gavin Edwards (Author) • Tini Howard (Author) • Joe Lansdale (Author) • Josh O’Neill (Author) • Hannah Means-Shannon (Author) • Philip Kennedy Johnson (Author) • Adam Knave (Author) • Vivek Tiwary (Author) • Russell Sheath (Author) • Abdulkareem Baba Aminu (Author) • Kat Kruger (Author) • Jon Raymond (Author) • Benjamin Percy () • Roger Langridge (Artist) • Peter Bagge (Artist) • Sara Richard (Artist) • Julia Alekseyeva (Artist) • Jen Vaughn (Artist) • Noah Van Sciver (Artist) • Danica Brine (Artist) • Gideon Kendall (Artist) • Tony Shasteen (Artist) • Steve Beach (Artist) • Brent Schoonover (Artist) • Shannon Wheeler (Artist) • Michael Brophy (Cover Artist)
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