Double Barrel #3

Mamas, hide your babies, ’cause the Cannons are back and firing on all cylinders!

Double Barrel #3 is an incredible 116 pages of action, drama, and comic-book passion. Zander Cannon descends to the sixth chapter of Heck and finds it full of WRATH — and some long-repressed memories! Kevin Cannon presents a huge chunk (over 50 pages) of Crater XV — the plot threads are multiplying like rabbits, as we’re starting to see just how huge a mess Army Shanks has gotten himself into…

Meanwhile both Cannons contribute a pile of bonus content, including Kevin’s “Penny from the Front,” Zander’s hilarious “Master of Feng Shui,” more True Tales of Jin (age 4), and a great essay from Zander about the storytelling masterclass that is Star Wars.

More fun than a barrel of monkeys? Of course it is — it’s Double Barrel!

TAGS: Action/Adventure, Kevin Cannon, Pulp, Zander Cannon

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