30 Days of Night Omnibus, Vol. 2

Go deeper into the night with this continuation of the vampire tale that put horror comics back on the map! Series creators Steve Niles and Ben Templesmith, joined by a cast of all-star comics talent, bring you multiple stories of blood and darkness.

First, it’s two stories for the price of one in Bloodsucker Tales. Kody Chamberlain provides art for Steve Niles’ story, “Dead Billy Dead,” in which a young man is turned into a vampire only to be abducted, along with his girlfriend, by an obsessive scientist. Then, superstar writer Matt Fraction (Sex Criminals) gets the Templesmith treatment with “Juarez,” in which Lex Nova investigates the disappearances of hundreds of girls in a Mexican border town. He suspects vampire involvement. Unfortunately, an entire tribe of territorial vampires thinks the same thing.

In Eben & Stella, find out what happened to the heroes of Barrow after the end of Dark Days, and before their appearance in Return to Barrow. Featuring Kelly Sue DeConnick (Bitch Planet) and Justin Randall (Changing Ways).

In Templesmith’s Red Snow, readers will discover that vampires aren’t just a modern-day problem, and British military attaché Charle Keating, observing the battle on the eastern front from the Soviet side, will discover that, no matter how hard humanity tries to kill itself, something else does it better.

Finally, Barrow may deal with yearly vampire assaults, but the entire Arctic Circle gets its share of polar night. What monsters lurk in this endless dark? Go Beyond Barrow, with Niles and superstar artist Bill Sienkiewicz (New Mutants).

Collects four full volumes of the 30 Days of Night saga: Bloodsucker TalesEben & StellaRed Snow, and Beyond Barrow.

Steve Niles (Author) Ben Templesmith (Artist) Kody Chamberlain (Artist) Matt Fraction (Author) Justin Randall (Artist)
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