Previews World Interview: Lasting Impressions From A Furious First Strike

Previews World goes behind the scenes of First Strike, A Hasbro Comic Event 

In this exclusive interview with First Strike authors Mairghread Scott and David R. Rodriguez, Preivew World gets the inside scoop about the newest monumental Hasbro mashup, with the free issue #0 hitting stores next week!


“It was Steven Speilberg and George Lucas who warned Hollywood that super special effects spectaculars did not a movie make. The film had to have soul. It had to breathe. The same could be said for comics. Sure, you could get, like, these cool Hasbro toys you used to play with as a kid, and bash them together to say “Cool! Megatron just crushed Snake Eyes’ head!” But would it a comic make? The answer for making such an over-the-top Hasbro toy story — if you were writers Mairghread Scott and David Rodriguez — would be to make an epic tale that’s big on action, as well as big on pulling on the heart strings.” – Previews World

Click HERE to view the complete interview with creators Mairghread Scott and David R. Rodriguez, and keep your ears to the ground for issue #1 of First Strike, striking your local comic shelves this August! Original interview by Vince Brusio for