Meet the Editor! – IDW’s Sonic the Hedgehog

IDW invites you to get to know our wonderful editors a little bit better. This week up, Joe Hughes, editor of Sonic the Hedgehog!


Can you start by telling us about your very first introduction to Sonic the Hedgehog?

Like most folks my age, my introduction to Sonic was the first ever game in ‘91. I had a Super Nintendo and my best friend at the time had a Genesis, so we’d go over to each other’s homes to play the games that the other had for their system. Slowly but surely, that morphed into me going to his house to play Sonic all the time. There had never been anything else like it.


If you had to pick a Sonic character you think is most like you, who would it be and why?

According to an online quiz I’m Amy…¯\_(ツ)_/¯

What was biggest factor in your life that inspired you to go into comic book editing?

I’ve been reading comics for as long as I’ve been able to read, but at some point I began to notice certain editors. If you read comics long enough, you can often see a book and, before looking at the credits, immediately know who edited it. You recognize someone’s tastes right there on the cover and in the premise. Being able to bring the themes and art I care about to a wider audience — in the medium that I love — just seemed like a pretty cool way to make a living.
Basically, I like working with cool people to make cool comics.


What is one thing about yourself that people meeting you for the first time would never guess?

I can pick up, and throw, a baseball with my right foot.


What is the number one thing you’re excited for with the launch of the new IDW Sonic comic series?

The fans. I say this a lot, but I’ve never met a fanbase like this. We debut a new character, and within a few hours there are dozens of fan art depictions of her, in our inbox and all over the internet. We debut a cover from Nathalie Fourdraine, a new artist I couldn’t be more excited to work with, and the outpouring of kind words for her is immediate and overwhelming. The fans are incredible.
So more than anything, I’m looking forward to giving this to them. I’m excited for them to see what we have coming this year and beyond. It’s going to be fun.