Sr. Director People Operations

Key Relationships

The Senior Director of People Operations is a critical leadership role reporting to the Chief Financial Officer. The role oversees Human Resources and Facilities Management helping to enable a top-notch experience for employees and candidates at IDW that align with our values. You will work closely and partner with senior leadership, department managers as well as internal and external partners to achieve efficient, scalable processes that ensure accuracy and meet the dynamic needs of our growing team. Along with the People Operations team, you will create and cultivate an inclusive employee experience that is not just excellent, but uniquely IDW.

Position Opportunity

As IDW’s Senior Director of People Operations based in Los Angeles, you will be the primary champion of people throughout the organization playing a critical role in making IDW the best place for top talent to work. You will contribute significantly to the Company’s culture and growth objectives by defining people practices, building standard processes, and delivering best in class services to our people. You will work with internal stakeholders to define, hire, develop and grow exceptional talent. Some examples of initial areas of focus are job analysis and job design, salary and pay grade analysis including bonus and commission structuring, employee satisfaction and retention practices, feedback processes, and other vital areas.

You will also ensure that IDW maintains sufficient facility space meeting the needs of its human resources objectives over time. You will be a leader in creating bold and dynamic human resource opportunities that are in concert with the Company’s mission and vision.  This position presents an ideal opportunity for a strategic, collaborative, and creative leader to harness their passion for innovative people management that will drive IDW to a new level of success. 

Key Responsibilities

  • Work with department heads and managers to help with resource planning, hiring, employee improvement plans, employee growth plans, raises, promotions, departmental transfers, and overall coaching.
  • Supervise the IDW HR manager and help with any cases or problems that arise.
  • Identify necessary changes to policy and practice to strive towards Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.
    • Work to improve our recruiting practices to reduce bias and risk.
    • Manage multiple core People processes with a focus on equity and inclusion in all that we do.
  • Ensure planning, monitoring, and appraisal of employee work results by training managers to coach and discipline employees; hearing and resolving employee grievances; and counseling employees and supervisors. 
  • Enforce management guidelines by preparing, updating, and recommending human resource policies and procedures.
  • Oversee the implementation of our new HRIS system and how it will integrate into the IDW ecosystem.
  • Design, build and implement fair, consistent and equitable compensation processes including thorough benchmarking, establishing pay grades and banding, performance management and feedback process, commissions structures, and related analyses.
  • Work with Finance on the overall company personnel and facility cost providing analysis and input from a Human Capital perspective.
    • Work closely with senior management to identify future office and warehouse space, locations, square footage needs and cost/benefit analysis.  
    • Assist where required on any required office moves in San Diego and Los Angeles.
  • Partner with internal teams at IDW such as Finance and Tech Ops and external vendors, such as ADP, to optimize our processes.

Year One Critical Success Factors

At the end of one year, the successful candidate will have:

  • Cultivated strong relationships with and earned the respect and confidence of the business managers across the organization.
  • Articulated a human capital vision and established needed process around human resource objectives, positioning the Company for continued creative excellence and revenue growth.

Professional Experience/Qualifications

IDW seeks someone who can provide strategic thinking, balance multiple tasks and priorities, collaborate effectively and provide a clear vision for human resources management. This must be a highly resourceful and creative individual with experience in wearing multiple hats.  The ideal candidate must have a track record in developing human resource initiatives as well as working through facilities management needs related to human capital. 

The Senior Director of People Operations will also bring skills with specific emphasis in the following areas:

  • A dynamic, personable leader with energy, gravitas, confidence, and the drive and hunger to succeed.  Brings a passion for accomplishment and success.
  • Ability to be nimble and agile in this rapidly changing environment. 
  • A proven track record of leadership and team building; experience developing top-notch teams; sets high standards for performance and holds the team accountable.
  • Proven versatility to work across an organization at all levels; has excellent skills to build collaborative working relationships across a wide array of stakeholders with differing priorities; values teamwork and collaboration over individual performance and personal success; exhibits a participatory and inclusive style.
  • Excellent presentation skills including communicating with colleagues up and down and across an organization.
  • Knowledge and sophistication to work successfully in an entrepreneurial global media company with the ability to be “hands on” at the same time.
  • The highest level of personal and professional integrity to engender total confidence in his/her/their business and moral conduct.
  • Embraces technology and mastering new applications.
  • Goal-directed and conscientious, taking pride in a job well-done.
  • Strong bias for action; problems are solutions just waiting to be found.
  • Metrics and numbers-oriented by nature; enthusiasm for finding ways to improve our People team infrastructure.


Prospective candidates will have an undergraduate degree or unique and noteworthy experience in the human resource capital industry/community. Candidates with PHR-CA and/or SHRM certifications preferred.


A competitive compensation package will be offered to the successful candidate.

To Apply:

Please submit your application through IDW’s Career Center at: