IDW Releases Captain Canuck

Captain Canuck vol 1 coverFirst hardcover collection available now

IDW Publishing is proud to release the first hardcover collection of “Canada’s own” Captain Canuck, available in stores throughout Canada and the U.S. now. The first of a two volume series, Captain Canuck Vol. 1 will feature issues #4-10, written by Richard Comely with art by George Freeman and Claude St. Aubin. This volume will also include previously unpublished newspaper strips, plus sketches by Freeman.

Debuting in 1975 by Ontario-resident Comely, Captain Canuck became the first and only Canadian-published superhero comic book distributed on the mass market throughout the U.S. Canuck gained an impressive fan base during its five year run and continues to delight readers across the continent. In addition to a captivating story, Captain Canuck was also printed using revolutionary colour techniques, allowing for a greater range of colour.

“I was a big fan of Captain Canuck as a teenager,” said Scott Dunbier, IDW’s Special Projects Editor. “It’s great to finally see it printed as beautifully as the material deserves.”

More than 2.3 million copies have been printed since the series was first published. For the twentieth anniversary, Canada Post issued a Captain Canuck stamp, which quickly became one of Canada Post’s best selling stamps. Following Captain Canuck Vol. 1, IDW will release the second volume featuring issues #11-14 and The Summer Special, later this year.

“Captain Canuck has a large fan base in the U.S. as well as Canada,” states Comely. “It’s been a joy to work with a company and an editor who enjoy the work and the characters we created. Fans will be delighted to see the art so well presented.”  

 Captain Canuck Vol. 1 is now available in stores.