Happy New Year, readers! Another year of making comics is behind us with so many stories told thanks to IDW’s stable of talented creators and hardworking staff bringing you your favorite comics every month! But we couldn’t have done it without you picking up our comics and reading them so thank you for your support along the way.


IDW’s comics were recognized across many sites for being among the Best of 2017 and we’re proud to highlight the great work that was honored this year.


ComiXology held its Reader’s Choice Awards for Best of 2017. Among the big winners was Transformers: Lost Light, which was one of four titles named as Best Ongoing Series.


IDW talent completely swept the creator categories thanks to our Transformers titles including BEST WRITER – James Roberts (Transformers: Lost Light), BEST ARTIST – Sara Pitre-Durocher (Transformers: Till All Are One), BEST COLORIST Joana Lafuente (Darkness VisibleTransformers: Lost Light), and BEST LETTERER Tom B. Long (First Strike).


Scroll down to view the full list for Best of 2017 to see what other IDW titles and creators were praised this year including Helena Crash, Ragnarök, and Black Crown!

ComiXology – Reader’s Choice Awards for Best of 2017

Best Ongoing Series
Transformers: Lost Light


Best Writer
James Roberts (Transformers: Lost Light)


Best Artist
Sara Pitre-Durocher (Transformers: Till All Are One)


Best Colorist
Joana Lafuente (Darkness Visible, Transformers: Lost Light)
Best Letterer
Tom B. Long (First Strike)


BEST OF 2017

Best Single Issue – DoomRocket
Kid Lobotomy #1
  • “This was an intro issue that set our world on fire, and it announced the coming of a formidable new comics imprint. Most impressive.”
Best Covers – DoomRocket 
Kid Lobotomy
  • “Kid Lobotomy is the talk of the town.”
Best Artist – Syfy Wire
Tess Fowler (Kid Lobotomy)
  • “This is the type of comic that William S Burroughs would be making as each panel has little intricacies that push the boundaries of what you may understand that is going on.”
Best Letterer – 
Aditya Bidikar (Kid Lobotomy)
Best Editor – Comicosity
Shelly Bond (Black Crown)
  • “Bond is back, and using her witchcraft to launch Black Crown, a new punk rock imprint with some heavy-hitting new titles.”
People of the Year –
Shelly Bond (Black Crown)


5 Series to Look Out For In 2018 – 
Punks Not Dead


Best Artist –
Walter Simonson (Ragnarök)
  • “Walter Simonson is perhaps the greatest living artist to emerge from what we call the “Bronze Age” of comics”
  • “On every single page, Ragnarökis a feast for the eyes.”
The Most Kirbyesque Comics of the Year – Comicosity 
  • “This is a glorious myth, told by Simonson’s always mind-blowing art”
Best Letterer – 
John Workman (Ragnarök)

Best Writer – Comicosity
Fabian Rangel Jr. (Helena Crash, Samurai Jack)


Best Writer –
Fabian Rangel Jr. (Helena Crash)


Best Artist – 
Warwick Johnson Cadwell (Helena Crash)


Best Single Issue – Comicosity

Jem and the Misfits #4


Best Writer – Syfy Wire
Kelly Thompson (Jem and the Misfists, Ghostbusters: Answer the Call)


 Best Comic – Den of Geek
Atomic Robo
  • “Clevenger writes absurd action humor better than almost anyone in comics”
The Top 10 Comic Books for 2017 


Bam! Smack! Pow!
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  • “the strongest writing of any serialized franchise comic book out there”
  • “this is among the most consistent comic books that exist today”
  • “the model of how to handle a franchise comic book, both in terms of writing and editing”
  • “It is everything about mainstream comic books done right.”


The Top 10 Comic Books for 2017 – Bam! Smack! Pow!
TMNT/Ghostbusters II
10 Comics You Should Have Read in 2017 – PREVIEWSworld
Saucer State
Best Comics of 2017 – The Comics Journal
Corto Maltese: In Siberia


Best Comics of 2017 – The Comics Journal
Corto Maltese: Fable of Venice
“Grazie to IDW and translators Dean Mullaney and Simone Castaldi for bringing Corto to America.”


Top 10 LGBT Comics of 2017 – Adventures in Poor Taste
Love is Love
“Love is Love is unlike anything else ever published in the history of the comic medium, and may be the most historically significant work on this list.”