Graphic Novels to Read this Women’s History Month

In honor of Women’s History month, we’re excited to share our picks of adventures featuring female protagonists to pick up this month.

For Middle-Grade Readers

Marvel Action: Captain Marvel: Cosmic CAT-tastrophe

Go higher, further, and faster with Captain Marvel in this brand-new adventure for middle grade readers!

Surfside Girls Book One: The Secret of Danger Point

Things are getting weird in Surfside, throwing a wrench into the kick-back summer that Sam had planned. But after swimming through a secret underwater cave, Sam starts to… see things. Like ghosts. 

Enola Holmes: The Case of the Bizarre Bouquets

Can Enola crack her latest case and find a missing Dr. John Watson before her famous older brother, Sherlock?

For Young Adult Readers


For this ragtag band of space gays, liberation means beating the patriarchy at its own game.

Star Pig

Two Castaways. One Goal. Zero in common. Get lost in this inventive sci-fi graphic novel about an extraordinary friendship and an incredible journey home.

An Embarrassment of Witches

An Embarrassment of Witches is the story of two childhood friends learning how to be adults—and hoping their friendship can survive the change. 

Camp Spirit

It’s the spooky LGBTeen hard-rock rom-com that’s as wild as a hot summer night.

Synergy: A Hasbro Creators Showcase

In recognition of Women’s History month, IDW and Hasbro are teaming up to create SYNERGY: A HASBRO CREATORS SHOWCASE, a celebration of fan-favorites and new talent working with some of the most beloved Hasbro characters. 

For Adult Readers

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Jennika #1

Trying to acclimate to life as a mutant, the newest Turtle Jennika embarks on a solo adventure that will force her to come to terms with both her troubled past and conflicted present.

GLOW Vs the Star Primas

The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling are ready to take on the world—or at least L.A.—in this graphic novel based off the hit Netflix series!

Femme Magnifique

Fifty female trailblazers of yesterday and today get a four-color sequential tribute in Femme Magnifique.

Girl Town

Girl Town collects the Ignatz Award-winning stories “Radishes” and “Diana’s Electric Tongue” together with several other tales of young adulthood and the search for connection. 

Burmese Moons

The human rights abuses of the Myanmar republic are brought to horrifying life in this tale of hardship and perseverance in the face of impossible conditions.