Ghostbusters: International’s Erik Burnham Discusses Rotating Line Ups and New Locations

The Ghostbusters are taking their show on the road! We grabbed the writer Erik Burnham to talk about what’s coming in the new series.


Last we saw, the Ghostbusters were facing off against the Sandman in the 2015 Annual, does this series come directly after that confrontation?

Not quite directly, but shortly after, yes. The damage to the firehouse (which they were working on in the annual) is still not QUITE repaired as of issue #1, and Janine has set up shop temporarily in the Ghostbusters’ warehouse.

Is there a core team that will be taking on all of the International cases, or will is be a rotating cast?

For the first few issues, the team going abroad will be Winston, Peter, and Ray. But there will be rotation, and still some stories centered in New York. Changing the away team will make it all the more fun!

Can you tease some of the locations we’ll be heading to in this series?

We’re starting off with the Italian island of Poveglia. And then Paris. Those are locks. Potential locations that have been kicked around for future stories include Japan, Iceland, Germany, Ireland, Russia, India… and Gabriel Rodriguez made a pretty good case for Chile. (He tweeted me some cool mythology stuff I may not be able to resist using!) There are so many places the Ghostbusters could go — for a scene, for an issue, for several issues… ghosts can be anywhere, and local flavor gives so many options.

What is it about Dan Schoening’s artwork that makes him such a great fit for this series?

Dan has a great grasp of emotion — he can make the humor of a wry line understood, amongst other subtle things, which not all artists can pull off. He can draw something silly and then switch gears to rendering the creepiest of ghosts… and the detail in the backgrounds, man alive, the worlds he draws are lived in. Best of all, Dan’s visual sense of humor brings so much to the pages, easter eggs and other gags, that it rewards multiple reads. When you have a book based on a comedy, all of these things are incredibly important and it’s rare to find them all in one artist. Moreover, Dan gets what I’m going for without the need for five pages of scene description. (and I can’t forget colorist Luis Delgado, who makes just as much magic on those pages and really sets the moods with his palette!)

This is a big year for the Ghostbusters, but what can fans only get from the comics?

They get the original four Ghostbusters, who are evolving a little bit closer to the original Dan Aykroyd conceptualization. There are new characters, sure, and ladies busting ghosts right along with the fellas, but the history of the franchise remains. The direct connection between the characters and events of the past and the characters of the future — only in the comics! (For now, anyway!)

What are your thoughts on the new Ghostbusters movie?

Can’t wait! They have some funny folks involved, and I’m really looking forward to seeing what the movie brings… (But our ladies still got to the proton packs first!)

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