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G.I. Joe: Special Missions Writer Interview With Chuck Dixon

Hello Joe Fans! Today we have a very special interview with famed writer Chuck Dixon, who graciously took the time to answer questions in regards to the upcoming G.I. Joe: Special Missions! Dixon has contributed a lot to the world of G.I. Joe, and he gave us some insight into the Special Missions team; one of the Joe teams that hasn’t been revealed to the public. What’s their purpose? Who’s on the team?  Find out in our exclusive interview; Yo Joe!



Who are the members of G.I. Joe that will be featured in G.I. Joe: Special Missions? Will there be any new characters, or returning familiar faces we can look forward to?
In the first arc we have Scarlett and Mainframe leading the mission. Beachhead, Tripwire, Hard Drive, Ripcord, Torpedo, Deep Six and Lighthorse are along. We’ll meet a new G.I. Joe team member named Topside. Billdocker also puts in an appearance. In the second arc, Spirit will be a big part of the mission.

What is the role of the Special Missions team, and how do they fit into the larger G.I. Joe universe?
They’re an urgent rapid response team who jump in when there’s an opportunity to either ruin Cobra’s day or to covertly deal with a matter of intense national security. They’re a small unit but they can be anywhere on the globe within a short time and apply just enough pressure to make the difference.

Will working outside of the public’s eye be beneficial, or detrimental? Why have these specific G.I. Joe members been chosen to operate in secrecy?
Special Missions can call on any member of G.I. Joe. Each mission profile calls for different talents and the make-up of each team changes to adapt to the demands of operation. This team is the most secret G.I. Joe team because their missions are so sensitive in nature. Cobra can’t know when and where they’ll strike.

 What makes their existence essential in the battle against Cobra and other enemies? What can they do that other teams can’t?
They move faster. The Special Missions team is leaner and more agile; operating in a mode of limited autonomy. They can react faster than the full force of G.I. Joe and hit where Cobra is least suspecting. They strike. They break things. They vanish.



What villains will feature in G.I. Joe: Special Missions?
The Baroness is in the first arc with Zartan and the Dreadnoks making trouble in the second. The third arc features adangerous familiar






Thanks Chuck! Be sure to grab your copy of G.I. Joe: Special Mission
available on March 20th. For more from Chuck Dixon, be sure to check out and Stay tuned in to for interviews, news, and sneak peeks from all of your favorite comic books!




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