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G.I. Joe Interview With Writer Fred Van Lente

Because we here at IDW firmly believe that ‘Knowing is half the battle’ we’d like to let you in on some of the secrets featured in the brand new re-launch of G.I. Joe! We spoke with Fred Van Lente; the amazingly talented writer of G.I. Joe #1 about what we can expect from our favorite heroes. GO JOE!



With the G.I. Joe’s now publicly outed by Cobra, how will the Joe’s adapt to life in the public eye?
Not easily. They’re the center of a lot of media attention — they even have their own embedded blogger — and they’re used to working off the grid. In many ways their celebrity will isolate them more than they ever when they were covert.

Will these be more personal G.I. Joe stories focusing on specific characters, or will you be working more towards broadening the scope of the characters and world?
A mixture of both; while each arc will focus on the current mission of the core team, we’ll be focusing on individual members of the team as we move along — most notably the leader, Duke, in #3 and Cover Girl in #6.

Are there any major changes coming that will shake up any pre-existing notions on some of the fan favorite characters?
It’s very hard to tell from where I’m sitting what’s truly a shake up — fan reaction always surprises you. I think Duke’s full background, once folks read it, will make people really look at that character in a different way. Duke’s been a tough nut to crack for both writers and his fellow GI Joe team members — #3 really let’s us get inside his skin, see what drives him. The revelations will surprise you!

What villains will the Joe’s be facing? How does Cobra react and attack after the Joe’s have their secrecy ruined?
Well, the Cobras ruined the Joe’s secrecies as step one in an all-out advance on the United States. Hey, if you’re going to take over the world, where better to start? But Cobra wants to be invited as liberators, not arrive as conquerors, and their insidious strategy to accomplish that is the subject of our fist arc, “HOMEFRONT.”

Are there any new Joe’s to look out for, and what kind of a new spin will you put on the existing characters?
There is a brand-new GI Joe introduced in #1, and that’s Hashtag, the aforementioned embedded blogger. A controversial character without a doubt, as she was intended to be. She has the least experience of anyone on the team, she’s a bit of conscientious objector … and she, next to Duke, may have the most interesting arc in “HOMEFRONT.” Enjoy!

What will G.I. Joe’s reaction be to Hashtag? Do they feel as if she’ll only be getting in the way?
They most definitely feel she’ll only be getting in the way. We’ll see how much that exasperation is justified….

Thanks Fred! Pick up your copy of G.I. Joe Issue #1 available in stores and on-line NOW!  While you’re at it, check out Fred Van Lente’s personal website at, and follow him on Twitter @fredvanlente. Stay tuned to for more interviews, previews, and content from your favorite IDW titles! 

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