Funko Five Questions – Judge Dredd: Funko Universe


For five consecutive weeks, we’ll be asking the creative teams behind the different Funko Universe one-shots five Funko-related questions.


This week we have creators John Layman and Francesco Gaston of the Judge Dredd: Funko Universe issue. Pick up your copy of the newest edition to the IDW Funko Universe at your local comic book stores TOMORROW!


  1. What do you see as the major difference between the standard versions of these characters and the Funko versions?


John Layman: This is an all ages version of Dredd, so it’s more cartoon violence than ultraviolence. When I took the gig, I was told to write it like a Warner Brothers cartoon, so that’s the approach I took.

Francesco Gaston: The Funko version is really funny both for the realization of the characters (graphically intended) and for the kind of story.


  1. Is this your first time writing/drawing for these characters, and if not, how is your approach different?


JL: Not my first time. I’ve also got a Dredd vs. Aliens vs. Predator mini-series through Dark Horse/IDW/2000AD that very likely will wrap up this century. That Dredd is a lot more harder-edged, quicker to kill. The Funko Dredd is Dredd-lite. More fun and less murderous.

FG: Yes this is my first time drawing the characters.


  1. What makes Judge Dredd a good fit for the Funko Universe of comics?


JL: I think EVERYTHING is a good fit for the Funko Universe, if done correctly.

FG: The style I’ve decided to use for the realization of Funko characters.


  1. Now that you’ve worked with these characters in the Funko Universe setting, what other characters do you think would be fun to Funko-ize?


JL: I think Funko figures based on the hit Image comic book CHEW would be fantastic. Make it happen, Funko!

FG: I think it would be nice drawing Ghostbusters characters.


  1. Do you own any Funko Pop figures yourself? Which ones?


JL: I typically buy one per con for my roommate’s son (but also for myself!) We have Cthulu, Godzilla, a Mars Atttacks Martian, and Plants Vs. Zombies Superbrain, Lemongrab from Adventuretime, Muscle Man from Regular Show, and a ton of different Star Wars ones.

FG: I own Deadpool, Iron man, Ash of Army of Darkness, Judge Dredd, and some of Game of Thrones characters.