Find Your Hero – Marty McFly

He’s making grades, going to class, and burning up fret boards in the future and the past. He nails sick skateboard tricks wearing only the freshest kicks as he carves his way out of the movies and into the comic that you hold in your hands. His name? Marty McFly, and you can find this hero in the pages of your favorite IDW comics.

Marty can be impulsive, impatient, and a little flippant in the face of trouble, but underneath that devil-may-care attitude is a good soul that cares about the people around him and wants to make the world a better place. You might say there’s a little of Marty McFly in all of us. Sure, his neighbor is an eccentric genius with a time machine housed in a DeLoreon, but if Marty’s adventures in time prove anything, it’s the importance of getting things right the first time around!

Back to the Future didn’t end with the third film, and you won’t believe what happened next. Follow Marty’s adventures in both the Back to the Future ongoing series AND the Biff to the Future miniseries, both created with Bob Gale, the co-writer of all three back to the future screenplays!

Don’t miss tagging along with Marty and Doc as they travel through time on a timeless adventure. Find them in your local comic shop today.

Find your hero.