James Roberts

James Roberts is a British comic book writer best known for his contributions to the Transformers franchise, having worked consistently with the robots in disguise since he co-wrote the 2010 limited series, Last Stand of the Wreckers, with Nick Roche. His first solo story, the two-part 'Chaos Theory', appeared in Mike Costa's ongoing Transformers title and explored the origins of Optimus Prime and Megatron's relationship. He and Costa co-plotted the series' finale, 'Chaos'.

In 2011, Roberts and John Barber co-wrote The Death of Optimus Prime, which marked the beginning of 'Phase 2' of IDW's Transformers Universe. He and Barber also worked together on the Dark Cybertron event, celebrating 30 years of the Transformers, and Titans Return, with Barber and Mairghread Scott. In 2016, he and Roche reunited for a Revolutions tie-in.

Roberts is best known, however, for Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye (often abbreviated to MTMTE), the ongoing series that launched in January 2012 and ran for 57 issues, plus annuals and one-shots. He writes the new ongoing series Transformers: Lost Light, which continues the events from his previous series.

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