Dan Schoening

Dan Schoening is a comic book artist best known for his work with IDW Publishing on the Ghostbusters series. He has been the main artist for Ghostbusters since 2011, working alongside series writer Erik Burnham and colorist Luis Delgado. Dan has also had the opportunity to pencil the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Back to the Future, covers for M.A.S.K., Monster Motors and the Super Secret Crisis War! Dan studied visual arts at Camosun College and animation at VanArts. Before becoming a comic book artist, he was also a storyboard artist for Cartoon Network’s Ed, Edd n Eddy.
Back to the Future #1
Back to the Future #2
Back to the Future #3
Back to the Future #4
Ghostbusters 101 #1
Ghostbusters International, Vol. 2
Ghostbusters International, Vol. 1
Ghostbusters International #1
Ghostbusters: Get Real
Ghostbusters: Get Real #1
Ghostbusters Holiday Special: What In Samhain Just Happened?