FIENDSHIP is Magic Cover Artists, Sara Richard and Amy Mebberson, Discuss Their Favorite Beverages and Bad Guys

In anticipation of the exciting first ever My Little Pony mini-series event, FIENDship is Magic, which releases every Tuesday in April, we are featuring a weekly creator-interviewing-creator series. The creative teams behind each of the villain focused issues will ask each other the hard questions, or actually just the fun ones! This week meet the women behind the amazing covers, Sara Richard and Amy Mebberson!

S-RichardSara Richard as Interviewed by Amy Mebberson

So what beverage were you enjoying while creating these covers?

I think I was drinking a ton of coffee, CUZ COLORS!

So when people start cosplaying Dia de Los Muertos ponies thanks to your covers, can we see pictures?

I really hope people cosplay it! That’d be sweet and I’ll totally post pictures as I get them!

What moved you to do the sub covers in a Dia De Los Muertos theme for this project?

The goal was to come up with a theme for the Mane 6. I had a bunch of loose ideas that just didn’t seem as cool as a Dia Day Los Muertos set. I looove sugar skull make up designs so I had a lot of fun designing each pony’s own patterns based on their cutie marks and colors. I also had a lot of fun trying to figure out the color compositions of the backgrounds to accentuate the ponies and to not repeat. It was a fun little puzzle!

Every pony needs a foil. Who is your favorite MLP villain and why?

My favorite villains are a tie between Gilda and Chrysalis. Both for different reasons. Gilda is A FLIPPIN’ GRIFFON. And that’s just cool, griffons are cool. If I were a villain I’d think I’d be Gilda…maybe a bit nicer though. I get her “best around” attitude. Chrysalis is my other favorite because her design is so neat . Skeletons are for chumps, she’s got holes straight through her. So wicked.

What is your favorite thing about doing MLP covers?

My favorite thing about doing the MLP covers is that they are so much fun and that I’m able to put as many swirls as I want into them and stay true to my style and it’s all good by Bobby. (Thanks Bobby!) I love the freedom IDW allows with an artist being an individual and it’s so much fun to put these great characters into fun little stories within one image.


A-MebbersonAmy Mebberson as Interviewed by Sara Richard

What beverage were you enjoying while creating these covers?

I was drinking probably far too much Coke Zero.

These covers remind me of art history class for some reason 😉 What was the inspiration for this covers A cover theme?

The inspiration was just that I had to make five villain covers that had a running theme. It didn’t take long for me to think of times when dynastic families ruled empires with good old-fashioned treachery, bribery, terror and bumping off their enemies with impunity! So the Borgias immediately sprang to mind and the rest was easy. I’ve done a lot of MLP parody covers, so it was super-fun stretching my painting muscle and taking it to the next level by parodying classic art.

Every pony needs a foil. Who is your favorite MLP villain and why?

My favourite MLP villain is Nightmare Moon. She’s such a drama queen! I got the Nightmare Moon talking Pony from Comic-Con a few years ago and she’s pretty awesome. Her power to shut down one of the immovable cycles of nature is terrifying, but she still says her star barrettes are FABULOUS!