Comics Alliance: The Secret History Of ‘My Little Pony’ Is Finally Being Unearthed In ‘My Little Pony, Legends Of Magic’

In this exclusive announcement from Comics AllianceJeremy Whitley and Brenda Hickey share their thoughts on their new My Little Pony series, My Little Pony: Legends Of Magic! 

“In April, IDW is launching a new My Little Pony series, replacing Friends Forever with the all-new Legends of Magic, launching with a new story by Jeremy Whitley and Brenda Hickey. It’s a series that promises to explore “the secret history of Equestria,” and between that description and the fact that there’s a variant cover depicting the modern-day ponies straight up unearthing cave paintings of their ’80s cartoon counterparts, and I have never been more intrigued. Read on for the exclusive announcement and some thoughts from Whitley and Hickey!” – Comics Alliance

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