Comicbook: IDW’s Ted Adams On The Company’s Massive Creator-Owned Humble Bundle and the Debut of Diablo House

IDW Publishing CEO, Ted Adams, gives an inside look at The Humble Comics Bundle Creators Showcase presented by IDW Publishing,” as well as the debut of his new creator owned work, Diablo House

This incredible digital sale, brought to life by IDW Publishing as well as the masterminds behind Humble Bundle, is designed to bring to light the amount of talent and passion that IDW Publishing’s incredible creators pour into their stories, while simultaneously raising money for a good cause. Proceeds for this sale will be going to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, as well as the San Diego-based organization Traveling Stories.

“Adams had the bare bones of the series in his mind before meeting Santiperez, but it was the prospect of giving the artist a chance to flex his muscles that drove him to put it all together. The first issue managed to give the artist the mundane, the violent, the sexy, and the comical all in one, but Adams told that it’s really the second issue where things start to get crazy.” –

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