CBR: Hasbro Crossover First Strike Aims to ‘Destroy all the Transformers’

Our friends at Comic Book Resources are here to share out the details on IDW’s latest and greatest Hasbro Comic Event, First Strike! 

Officially announced last Thursday at the Diamond Retailer Summit in Chicago, First Strike will be bringing familiar creators and characters together in new ways never before imagined.

“Following 2016’s ‘Revolution’ event — which saw IDW’s licensed Hasbro properties united in one shared universe — ‘First Strike’ picks up with Earth about to join the Cybertronian Council of Worlds. That peaceful event is interrupted by Cobra, as Baron Ironblood — historically the British counterpart to Cobra Commander — has targeted all Cybertronians for termination, putting the Transformers in serious jeopardy. The G.I. Joes, led by Scarlett, and the Autobots, led by Optimus Prime, stand in the way in the face of extinction — enlisting help along the way from, apparently, an unlikely ally in the form of Soundwave of the Decepticons.” Comic Book Resources 

Click HERE to find out more about this incredible comic event and what to expect from the first two issues coming out in August! Original article written by Albert Ching for CBR.com.