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MY LITTLE PONY / TRANSFORMERS II Continues IDW’s Wild Crossover of Beloved Hasbro Brands

Rekindle the Magic of the Pony and Autobot Friendship with an All-New Comic Book Miniseries Debuting in April SAN DIEGO, CA (January 19, 2021) – By popular demand, IDW once again welcomes fans of all ages to the most imaginative comic book mashup of Hasbro creations ever with My Little Pony / Transformers II, a

CANTO Series Renewed Through 2022

Canto’s Clockwork Knight Returns to Tug at your Heartstrings EUGENE, OR (January 12, 2021) — The critically acclaimed IDW series, Canto, co-created by writer David M. Booher and artist Drew Zucker, has been renewed for three all-new astonishing tales! The clockwork knight’s adventure continues in April 2021 with the three-issue miniseries, Canto & the City of Giants, written by Booher

IDW Announces TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES: THE LAST RONIN #1 DIRECTOR’S CUT, a Behind-the-Scenes Look at 2020’s Smash Comic Book Hit

The 64-Page Special Features Never-Before-Seen Character Designs, Long-Lost Story Notes, and More Secrets from Eastman & Laird’s TMNT Milestone SAN DIEGO, CA (December 22, 2020) – The debut issue of the epic TMNT miniseries,The Last Ronin, has taken comic fandom by storm as one of the biggest events of 2020 with more than 180,000 copies

IDW Unveils Summer 2021 Middle-Grade and YA Graphic Novels

Scientific Pioneers, Cute Animals, Surfing Techniques, and Spooky Entities Feature in Original Tales for Young Readers SAN DIEGO, CA (December 17, 2020) – IDW and imprint Top Shelf Productions have unveiled their Summer 2021 lineup of middle-grade and YA graphic novels. Here’s a look at their spectacular line-up for next year: Better Place, by debut

INVISIBLE MEN: THE TRAILBLAZING BLACK ARTISTS OF COMIC BOOKS Sheds Light on the Struggles and Triumphs of Black Pioneers

A New, Meticulously-Researched Hardcover from IDW Imprint Yoe Books Presents the Life Stories and Rare Masterpieces of the Black Artists Who Shaped the Industry SAN DIEGO, CA (December 14, 2020) – During the formative years of the comic book industry, talented Black artists worked behind-the-scenes to create thrilling tales of superheroes, horror, and romance. Invisible