News: Judge Dredd

Funko Five Questions – Judge Dredd: Funko Universe

For five consecutive weeks, we’ll be asking the creative teams behind the different Funko Universe one-shots five Funko-related questions.

Entertainment Weekly: Judge Dredd to become TV show

Entertainment Weekly shared an exclusive announcement that the deal has been struck to turn the iconic comic book character, Judge Dredd, into a live action TV series; Judge Dredd: Mega City One.

Comics Alliance: IDW Announces a Second Round of ‘Deviations’ Stories, Featuring Judge Dredd as a Werewolf

Comics Alliance gives fans the inside scoop on IDW’s newest Deviations story!

Ulises Fariñas, Erick Freitas & Dan McDaid Discuss the New Judge Dredd Series!

With a New Judge Dredd series starting this week, we got the creators together to discuss anarchy, authority and glimmers of humanity.

Judge Dredd Takes On Mega-City Two

New Judge Dredd Mini-Series Debuts From IDW

This January, duty calls Judge Dredd to the West Coast, in the destructive new miniseries Mega-City Two: City of Courts! After entering a partnership with Rebellion/2000 AD, IDW has explored Dredd’s past in Year One, and taken him “Into the Cursed Earth” in his ongoing title, but with a truly unique creative team on Mega-City Two, Dredd will go up against the unfamiliar and depraved like never before!