Bloom County: Brand Spanking New Day Comics Review

Bloom County was an American newspaper comic strip which ran from December 8, 1980 until August 6, 1989. Created by Berkeley Breathed, Bloom County commented upon, examined, and satirized the events in politics, culture, and pop culture that occurred during its run on newspaper comics pages. For his work on Bloom County, Breathed won the 1987 Pulitzer Price in editorial cartooning. He also went on to create two Bloom County follow-up newspaper comic strips, Outland and then Opus.”
“THE LOWDOWN:  One wag/reviewer/critic said that the return of Bloom County was like the return of a Ronald Reagan-hair band.  The truth is that there was nothing remotely like Bloom County when it debuted in 1980 and there was still nothing like it when Breathed discontinued the strip in 1989.  A little over a quarter-century later when Breathed revived the strip there is still nothing like it.  That is saying a lot because it seemed as if quite a few popular newspaper comic strips and webcomics (web-based comic strips) that debuted in the decade or so after Bloom County’s conclusion were heavily influenced by Breathed’s strip.

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