Blastr: Teen Mulder and Scully return in IDW’s “Dog Days of Summer”

Blastr is here to bring you a peek¬†behind the scenes in this exclusive interview with creators Jody Houser and¬†Matthew Dow Smith, as they discuss the next arch in IDW’s X-Files: Origins series, Dog Days of Summer.

“Check out our exclusive chat with Jody Houser and Matthew Dow Smith on exploring the early years of these iconic characters, the tricks of writing for the YA market and what we can expect in the misadventures of teenage Fox Mulder and Dana Scully. Then dive into our four-cover peek at the first issue in the gallery below and tell us if you’ll abduct a copy when IDW’s X-Files: Origins – Dog Days of Summer #1 lands in June.” – Blastr

Click here to view the full interview, written by Jeff Spry.