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August 10th, 2018
First week of August already…unbelievable! Of course we’re in the midst of deadline hell so it’s been a week long dance party at HQ.
BLACK CROWN QUARTERLY#4 takes the gold medal but is shaping up to be a stunner!

Wraparound cover by PHILIP BOND with LEE LOUGHRIDGE on color. The latter guy is a regular at West Coast punk shows which explains the amazing lighting.

BCQ #4 contents includes: the final chapter of the rise and fall and rise of the CUD band starring geriatrics Carl and Will.
And writer/artist ROB DAVIS is back with the royal conclusion to the regular pub lead feature.
BEAT SURRENDER features two entries from the year 1994. Conspiracy or Coincidence?
A slice of each below. See if you can guess the goods.

Music features heavily (always?!) in this issue including a HEY, AMATEUR on how to rock barre chords with art by Katie Skelly.
EUTHANAUTS#1 by Tini Howard and Nick Robles continues to garner great press and is close to selling out. Here’s a peek at issue #2.
Issue #1 of HOUSE AMOK is coming at you at the end of the month. Here’s the variant cover by Tony Sandoval with interior art by the mighty Shawn McManus.
See you back here next week for more art + alchemy + convivial times!

August 3rd, 2018
A new feature begins:

While you were basking and blistering in the hot sun, here’s what we’ve done:

We’re so lucky that IDW has such high standards when it comes to the production values of comics and allows us to print with TriVision, one of the most esteemed printers in the world. The rub: They’re based in Korea so we need to turn in the files for print months before you hold a comic in your trembling hands.
Here’s some of the PND design pages concocted by BLACK CROWN general dogsbody/publication designer Philip Bond!

Tini Howard and Nick Robles’ EUTHANAUTS gets rave reviews! In an effort to push for a first-issue sellout (we’re so close I can taste it!) in my off hours (see 2 am to 4 am), I compiled the pull quotes and enlisted our fantastic inhouse designer Jack Rivera to come up with a template so we can blast these recommendations out to the masses. Our very own social media coordinator Andrea Palasi gets props for making sure you’re seeing the final goods. Here’s a sample:

The ASSASSINISTAS TPB made its debut in comic shops on Wednesday. The response has been tremendous.

Here’s a picture of Tini and Gilbert at the San Diego Comic-con smiling for the camera when they should be signing advance copies.

HOUSE AMOK is our next debut at The Crown and it’s all hands on deck. Shawn McManus’ art continues to make my eyeballs ache in all the best ways. His inking is a masterclass in textures, page balance and nonverbals. If you don’t believe me see below.

You will love this series with every atom. But remember: this is a family that lights out on a cross-country killing spree driven by conspiracy theories, secret implants and Slippermen. Or we can pretend that they’ve put the FUN in dysfunction. Either way, tell your retailer it’s one for your collection as the final order cutoff is Monday.

Working with the Laphams on LODGER, the newest addition to the BLACK CROWN lineup, is a supreme blast. We just finished up the first ad and there are three scripts, two covers and the full first issue in. David and Maria are serious pros. They mean business. You have no idea what’s coming for you this October but here’s a favorite panel to pique your interest.

Gotta get back to the regularly scheduled Friday routine. Before you go, check out our amazing SDCC booth graphic — a gigantic reproduction of the BLACK CROWN SUMMER SCORCHER wraparound cover which was our convention giveaway this year at SAN DIEGO COMIC-CON. We’ll post the 8-page preview here in the near future for those of you who couldn’t make it to the show. At the time this photo was taken, I was almost late for the IDW BIG NEWS PANEL, wherein I spilled the secret of the year about The Lapham’s new noir series LODGER coming to BLACK CROWN. I was honestly hoping someone would notice the character from the series hiding in plain sight right behind me in this picture…wearing the striped shirt…We seem to have a similar penchant for shirts…among other things like caked mascara…

See you here again next week for more convivial times and visual kicks! Stay cool as the long, hot summer continues to sizzle at BLACK CROWN #therulingclass

July 13th, 2018
Greetings from BLACK CROWN HQ, where this week, the printer is in a “Forever Jam” setting

(not that JAM but #NowPlaying ETON RIFLES).


In honor of the pending chaos of SAN DIEGO COMIC-CON 2018, we dedicate this week’s HAPPY HOUR to BLACK CROWN’S next series debut, EUTHANAUTS!

Unless you’ve been chosen as a tether and you’ve been sucked up into the DeathSpace (TM Howard + Robles), you know this series hits next Wednesday, July 18 — just in time for Preview Night at Comic-Con! If you happen to be at the show, please stop by the IDW BOOTH #2743.

Co-creator/writer TINI HOWARD will be there to sign your copies at the following times:
PREVIEW NIGHT! Wednesday, July 18 from 7:00 – 8:00
Thursday, July 19 from 6:00 – 7:00 with co-creator/artist extraordinaire GILBERT HERNANDEZ of ASSASSINISTAS fame!

Bring your single issues of the 6-issue series but don’t be surprised if we have a few advance copies of the ASSASSINISTAS trade paperback on hand for your viewing pleasure!

In the spirit of the best things in life are free, here’s a preview of EUTHANAUTS and a Q & A to follow with Tini!


The best way to describe them is that they’re a manifestation of the boundaries of ego. Or if you’ve seen The Matrix, similar to a “residual self image.” Only the purpose of the suit is to maintain the barriers that delineate YOU from the star stuff that is EVERYTHING ELSE.
They’re different because everyone is different. Mercy [above right] is a seeker, her suit is science and medicine and lilies and empowering herself with those limitations. She’s like an arrow, a single point directed forward. Thalia is a circle, a dome, a contained person who feels safest with rules and thick, heavy padding. She’s more static.
Indigo we will see later. He’s our spiral. The dance of life and death. But I don’t want to spoil his beautiful guts for you. 😉
God, who wouldn’t want to work with Nick? As a person and an artist, Nick has incredible quiet power and depth to him. He opens up the book and makes it something more. The first time I read a physical copy of the first issue, I was struck by how I physically turned and lifted it. Nick will change the way you flip pages.
Death is the only certainty, so let’s embrace it. Cancel the concept of “morbid,” and embrace the term “death positive.”
EUTHANAUTS is in stores next Wednesday, July 18.

See you next Friday LIVE from San Diego Comic-Con!

July 6th, 2018

Today’s Happy Hour By Number includes:

The Heat Index at BLACK CROWN HQ, Los Angeles.

IDW’s Booth Number at SAN DIEGO COMIC-CON (which begins in 12 days…just sayin’…)

Be there for the latest in BLACK CROWN superior swag! This FREE handout guarantees a crackling reading experience — guaranteed to chill you to the core!

AND NOW…by the book to beat the heat:

Wednesday marked the final issue of ASSASSINISTAS by TINI HOWARD + GILBERT HERNANDEZ! Major thanks to the fans, retailers and reviewers for the tremendous support!

Shoutouts to Jarrod from DOOMROCKET:

“ASSASSINISTAS: Heart, history, family, ferocity and, at its center, an iguana”


“Mission executed superbly. We’ll miss you Octavia, Dominic, Charlotte, Roz, and even Carlos and his waffle van.”

PUNKS NOT DEAD: TEENAGE KICKS by DAVID BARNETT + MARTIN SIMMONDS concludes on Wednesday July 18! Look for the screaming green Retailer Incentive Cover by Simmonds.


If you’re at the convention please stop by to meet Tini and get her to sign your copy!

See you next week for even cooler convivial times!

June 29th, 2018
Get ready for the happiest hour of all, because we’ve got another complete short story from the upcoming Femme Magnifique collection to ease the nerves and stimulate the mind.

Take a trip beyond the exosphere and into to the vacuum of space with “Sally Ride,” written by young adult novelist, comic writer, director,and indy rockstar Cecil Castellucci (Shade, the Changing Girl and The Plain Janes), and drawn by none other than Philip Bond (artist extraordinaire and Black Crown’s favorite in-house designer).

There are 50 stories of incredible women waiting for you in Femme Magnifique this September.

“Femme Magnifique shines a light on the amazing things that women have been doing across all fields and at all times.  It’s a must-have for every bookshelf and every library because it tackles those women you know and the women who you want to know. ” — Cecil Castellucci

(Photos of author Cecil Castellucci in the Johnson Space Center aboard the space shuttle and hanging out with a robot!)

The Diamond Code for Femme Magnifique is JUN180738. You can order it from your local retailer TODAY!

You can also Pre-Order it from Amazon here Femme Magnifique: 50 Magnificent Women Who Changed The World

June 22nd, 2018

Prepare for mayhem with today’s Happy Hour here at the Black Crown Pub, because the inimitable Shelly Bond is at ALA in New Orleans and she’s left the keys to the Pub with ME, associate editor Chase Marotz. Before I crawl behind the bar to avail myself of the gin (no top shelf stuff, I swear, boss), I’m thrilled to share with you a very special preview of Femme Magnifique, a book we’re sending to print today that you’ll be able to hold in your hands come September.

Created by a who’s who of industry veterans, rising stars, and indie neophytes, Femme Magnifique collects 50 stories about women whose impact on the world cannot be ignored. It’s massively entertaining, and in the humble opinion of this associate, an important book that everyone should read.

To whet your appetite for the book (before I wet your whistles with the drinks – Adi, you’ve got this round covered, right?), we proudly present “Standing in the Way of Control,” written by Leah Moore, with art by Alison Sampson and colors by Irma Kniivila. Enjoy!

In addition to her story in Femme Magnifique, Leah has contributed to the Black Crown Quarterly with both a “Hey, Amateur!” feature as well as “Man, Myth & Magic,” featured here two weeks ago. She’s also written incredible stories, many with her partner, John Reppion, for publishers including DC Comics, 2000AD, and Top Cow. Now she needs our help.

Leah recently suffered a serious brain injury that’s kept her from working, and her friend Andrew O’Neill has started a crowdfunding page to get her and her family through the next few months while she recovers ( If you like Leah’s work, you like comics, or you like being a good person in general, please check it out. In an industry where so many people often operate on such thin margins, anything helps. Everyone here at the Black Crown Pub thanks you in advance.

That’s all for this week. Bond is back next week, so I’ll be returning to my usual duties of doing dishes, lugging kegs, and making sure the urinal cakes are freshly baked (only the best for you, my dear patrons).

See you then!

June 15th, 2018

Busy Happy Hour celebrations today as we also wish skateboarding legend CINDY WHITEHEAD ( an absolutely EPIC birthday! In Cindy’s honor we’re running the first HEY, AMATEUR! that Cindy wrote for us. Also, while we’re feeling generous, you’ll see part of the regular lead feature from the BLACK CROWN QUARTERLY #1, “Tales from the Black Crown Pub,” by comics auteur ROB DAVIS, who also illustrated the amazing wraparound cover (coincidence? I think not!).
Enjoy at your own risk!


June 8th, 2018

Due to overwhelming demands (and scorching hot deadlines), here’s another free short story! From the BLACK QUARTERLY #3, it’s “Man, Myth & Magic,” or, as I like to call it, “Comme des Gorgons” by LEAH MOORE and DILRAJ MANN!

PERFORMANCE! ART! This sumptuous spring selection of regular shorts, new works, and sublime interviews includes “Tales From the Black Crown Pub” by Rob Davis; “Cud: Rich & Strange” by Potter, Puttnam, and Bond (which follows the rise and fall and rise of the greatest British band you’ve never heard of but can’t live without); “Swell Maps,” “Canonball Comics,” and “Beat Surrender.” Plus, more “House Amok” by Christopher Sebela and Shawn McManus; and “Hey, Amateur!—How to Spot a Galaxy” by Emmeline Pidgen. Find out where the bodies are buried beneath the cross street of Canon and Great Yarn a la “The Great Ghost Walking Tour” by Tini Howard and Philip Bond. And finally: a new feature involving a raygun, a live mic, and pure pandemonium (a la Rashomon) begins!

June 1st, 2018Today’s Happy Hour is devoted to a sneak peek of the latest issue of Black Crown Quarterly. Get a behind the scenes look at Ghost – Walk With Me, Canon Street by Torchlight, a short story by Tini Howard, Philip Bond & Eva de la Cruz. Black Crown Quarterly #3 is available now at your local comic shop.

>May 25th, 2018

Today’s Happy Hour is devoted to singer/songwriter/musician extraordinaire Paul Weller in honour of his birthday.

For the uninitiated, see below and put THE JAM, THE STYLE COUNCIL and PAUL WELLER on #HeavyRotation as we take a tour around BLACK CROWN HQ and show off the latest.


KID LOBOTOMY: A LAD INSANE signing went very well at London’s Orbital Comics starring creator/writer PETER MILLIGAN. (Raygun not included.)

ASSASSINISTAS Trade Paperback End paper design.


HOUSE AMOK promo materials


EUTHANUATS by Tini Howard + Nick Robles! Coming Soon!


Join us next week for more fun and fab tunes!


May 18th, 2018
This cocktail appears regularly on demand in TALES FROM THE BLACK CROWN PUB by Rob Davis in the BLACK CROWN QUARTERLY.

In honor of the comic shop debut of KID LOBOTOMY: A LAD INSANE next Wednesday, May 23, self-appointed General Dogsbody and Publication Designer PHILIP BOND inspects the merchandise.

And birthday cake is in the cards for EUTHANAUTS co-creator/artist NICK ROBLES…

…who celebrated his debut on planet earth yesterday.

Here’s an except from the EUTHANAUTS #1 script by Tini Howard.

Here’s part of the page as realized by artist Nick Robles.

See you next week for more convivial times! We leave you with a reminder that if you’re in London next Wednesday, May 23, don’t forget to stop by ORBITAL from 6 – 7:30 to get
co-creator/writer Peter Milligan to sign your cockroach — or your copy of the KID LOBOTOMY: A LAD INSANE trade or your guitar!

May 11th, 2017

Today’s edition of Happy Hour might be a bit Zzzzzzzz because JETLAG!

We attended Portsmouth UK Comic-con last weekend in the beautiful Guildhall.

And what a show!

First time convention for this south coast port city and it was quite the packed, family-friendly event!

There was sweet swag to be had at the table and the Black Crown panel.

The CUD band was spotted having a lively, secret discussion in a backstage dressing room…

Here’s Bassist Will and friend out and about by day…

And Carl and friends by night.

PUNKS NOT DEAD writer David Barnett and Carl’s wife Megan discuss the state of comics over pints…

There were His ’n’ Her CUD space baby tattoos…

…and KILLER KID COSPLAY! It was a convention highlight to meet the Ottla and Kid, the true blue supporters of the Crown!

A reminder that the KID LOBOTOMY: A LAD INSANE TPB can be in your hands in a mere 12 days!

And if you’re lucky enough to be in London, you won’t want to miss the signing at Orbital! Click HERE for the event link!
The entire Portsmouth Comic-con staff deserves much praise for an epic weekend convention!

Be here next week for more convivial times featuring steak ’n’ ale pie with peas and chunky chips!

His ’n’ her crisps!

candy bars for every mood!

And one for the road back to BLACK CROWN HQ!

May 4th, 2018

Today’s Happy Hour is coming to you live from a proper pub in the UK. Watch our Instagram and Twitter feeds for celebrity drunks and old punks as we take Portsmouth Con by storm! In lieu of a chalkboard:

Greetings from LAX! Can’t wait to take flight to Portsmouth Comic Con w/ Philip Bond on behalf of IDW Publishing and their amazing curation operation, Black Crown!

Black Crown is on the ground! And we brought blue skies from Los Angeles to the UK! See you soon Portsmouth Comic Con!

Set up starts at 3. Jetlag: Continuous! 11 hours from L.A. to Portsmouth Comic Con. Super psyched to be here with the secret weapon of Black Crown. The one and only Philip Bond.

Another sunny day in Portsmouth! Look for posts & pics all weekend from Portsmouth Comic Con when Black Crown sets up shop! #noassemblyrequired

The Setup Portsmouth Comic Con In Artists Alley w/ artist/logo designer/general dogsbody Philip Bond for Black Crown.

Banner Graphics! Come find us at Portsmouth Comic Con all weekend!






April 27, 2018Happy Friday from BLACK CROWN HQ! Before you start throwing drinks at me, I’ll apologize in advance for a short post. Blame THE JET SETI’m in the throes of preparing for the first ever PORTSMOUTH CONVENTION next weekend!
https://portsmouthcomiccon.comIf you’re in the area, do stop by.  The honorable artist/designer/general dogsbody (his descriptive, not mine!) Philip Bond and I will be taking to the high skies and spending next weekend basking in the bright company of the comics community!

We’ll have a booth!  We’ll have a live update next Friday right here with special guest posts! I’ll be doing portfolio review on Saturday and Sunday.

I’ll be moderating two panels on Sunday. At 1:00 don’t miss diversity in comics with fan-favorite artists including ALISON SAMPSON and SHAWN MARTINBROUGH! I’ll have a copy of FEMME MAGNIFIQUE, that Kickstarter sensation, in hand as both artists contributed to that anthology that salutes 50 Women Who Changed The World. And exclusive info revealed about the softcover volume of the book of the same name that will be published in September through BLACK CROWN thanks to IDW.


The BLACK CROWN panel will be held on Sunday at 3:00 with the PUNKS NOT DEAD duo David Barnett and Martin Simmonds, Philip Bond and a special surprise guest. Our very own Chuck Varnish, who runs the BLACK CROWN QUARTERLY letters page, LAST SHOUT, will reveal his true identity on stage.  Ladies: This could be ugly. Bring tomatoes. Gentlemen: Bring smelling salts, you’re likely to pass out.  Most important:  We’ll have fab swag, giveaways and funs times!

Although I haven’t received my comp copies yet, our esteemed assistant editor Chase sent me proof from the IDW Mothership.  For all you Portsmouth convention goers, if the stars align, I may have a few copies for giveaways at the panel…cross your toes!

ASSASSINISTAS is in the homestretch as we speak.  Here’s a peek at a favorite panel from issue #6.

And since we’re declaring our love for champagne this week, here’s my favorite panel of Octavia from ASSASSINISTAS #1.

On the PUNKS NOT DEAD front, here’s a panel from the issue that inspired the cocktail special.  Check out the benday dots and the undulating champagne wave, compliments of artist/colorist Martin Simmonds and flatter/colorist Dee Cunniffe.

See you all live at the Portsmouth Show next Friday for Happy Hour in the UK with the CUD Band & Bigfoot!!!






Greetings, fellow comics + Bowie enthusiasts! I’m raiding my personal photo archives to give you nothing but rockstars and rayguns today!
Let’s start with my screensaver.
This is a shot outside the TASCHEN GALLERY in Los Angeles during the fall of 2016 when the original MICK ROCK exhibit was proudly displayed.

That kid? He’s now taller than me…

Interior layout of the TASCHEN GALLERY for the MICK ROCK exhibit.

A favorite MICK ROCK shot of all time! Bowie as Halloween Jack, for Diamond Dogs,1973/4.

A few pics from EMERALD CITY COMIC CON…uh, what?

The EUTHANAUTS team of writer TINI HOWARD [left] and artist NICK ROBLES [right] met up for the first time — just in time for the traveling MICK ROCK BOWIE Exhibit at Seattle’s famed MOPOP Museum. The monkey in the middle —

— tried to make off with the lightning bolt shaped cushion… #EPICFAIL

In navigator form, the EUTHANAUTS character INDIGO HANOVER — INDI for short — has a Bowiesque disposition.

Sticking with the Bowie motif [see raygun], KID LOBOTOMY: A LAD INSANE arrives in comic shops on May 23 and in bookstores on June 19.

The original schematic of the raygun designed by PJ BOND can be found in the backmatter section of the trade — just in time for convention season cosplay.

Here’s a brief How-To: Tear it out or color copy the image. Draw lines with a Shapie for an easy trimming guide. Mount with glue stick onto cardboard or foam core. Cut on dotted lines.

Grab a pair of op art gloves. Point and shoot!

Join us next week for more sneak peeks and updates! Image below by the inimitable Brian Duffy!

April 13th, 2018

Lucky for some…LUCKY FOR YOU!

THIS JUST IN: The esteemed BLACK CROWN QUARTERLY #3, our spring edition, will be in stores ONE WEEK EARLY — Wednesday, April 18.

To honor this event on the near horizon, here are 13 REASONS WHY You Should Check It Out (CUD shirt not included):

writer/artist of the highly lauded Dalston Monsterzz, Dilraj is the real deal. See what graffiti lurks beneath the logo when you hang the center-spread poster of his wraparound cover on your bedroom wall.

BASEMENT REVELATIONS in addition to empty beer barrels in “Tales from the Black Crown Pub” by ROB DAVIS.


GHOST-WALK through Canon Street with TINI HOWARD & PHILIP BOND


4 CHAMBERS from CARL of the CUD band!

INTERVIEW WITH A GOTH by a LEGIT journalist (No, it’s not me on either front I swear…)


Gorgons wearing fishnets espouse big ideas in “Canonball Comics.” Did I mention he’s the real deal?

ELECTRIC LOGO DESIGN by PND artist Martin Simmonds! See the shop interior!

EXCLUSIVE PUNKS NOT DEAD short (back)story! MAJOR 80s hangover expected in PRETTY IN PUNK! by David Barnett & Martin Simmonds

SPOT VARNISH LOGO TREATMENT! It’s blinding! (Note: Mod sunglasses not included.)

HALF ASLEEP IN CUD PAJAMAS? Find out whether it’s boxers or briefs for the CUD band in “Last Shout!”

Also on schedule for next Wednesday, April 18 for #NCBD:
Cover A by the incomparable Martin Simmonds!

Cover B by the astounding ANNIE WU!

Cover A by BETO & Lazy Susan!

Cover B by retro-glam giantess Paulina Ganucheau!

See you next week for more convivial times!

April 6, 2018

While the bosses are busy at the C2E2 convention in Chicago, the kids of BLACK CROWN do the unthinkable: THEY TAKE OVER THE BLOODY BAR! MEET THE MIDGET FELONS!

NAME: Kid Lobotomy
PRIORS: Drawing imaginary friends, falling in love with a shapeshifting Czech Chambermaid
CONVICTIONS: Kafka obsession, performing unlicensed lobotomies
LAST SEEN: Walking away from The Suites hotel on Canon Street in KID LOBOTOMY #6
LAST HEARD: Humming The Smiths’ How Soon Is Now?
STORY: by Milligan & Fowler

NAME: Molly & Bess, Ghost Girls
PRIORS: Playing astronauts in the dryer at The Suites hotel
CONVICTIONS: Of kindness, trying to save Kid from the evils of his dysfunctional family
LAST SEEN: Playing astronauts in the dryer at The Suites hotel
LAST HEARD: The Clash & Gordon Lightfoot on heavy rotation
STORY: KID LOBOTOMY by Milligan & Fowler

NAME: Feargal “Fergie” Ferguson
PRIORS: Being a geek, picking his zits
CONVICTIONS: Being a good son to his mum and best friend to the ghost of a dead punk
LAST SEEN: At “Last Foot in the Rave” with hundreds of geriatrics at the site of the old Wigan Casino in PND #3
LAST HEARD: Sex Pistols but not by choice
STORY: PUNKS NOT DEAD by Barnett & Simmonds

NAME: Kyler Costa
PRIORS: Allergic to everything, whiny, looks 5 but acts 3
CONVICTIONS: Pain in the butt, experiencing high levels of sugar shock
LAST HEARD: Whining or crying
STORY: ASSASSINISTAS by Howard & Hernandez

NAME: Dominic Price
PRIORS: Being an adorable baby
CONVICTIONS: Staying adorable, conscientious, devoted to his boyfriend
LAST SEEN: At target practice with his mom, the assassin
LAST HEARD: Hitting his marks, arguing with mom in ASSASSINISTAS #3
STORY: ASSASSINISTAS by Howard & Hernandez

NAME: Will Potter (second from L), Carl Puttnam (second from R)
PRIORS: Tiny Rockstars on the path to Rich And Strange
CONVICTIONS: Badass beats on bass guitar, sublime lyrics and ’70s threads
LAST SEEN: Causing mischief at the Dying Embers Funeral Home off Canon Street
LAST HEARD: Belting deep, euphonious tones despite lyrics that claim he’s limited by his vocal range
STORY: CUD: Rich And Strange in the BLACK CROWN QUARTERLY #3 by Potter, Puttnam & Bond

NAME: Errol
PRIORS: Sitting at the bar, playing with his cards, hiding from social services
CONVICTIONS: Knowing the exact time at all times in every world time zone
LAST SEEN: In the basement of the Black Crown Pub
LAST HEARD: Announcing the current time in Sao Paulo

NAME: Dylan Sandifer
PRIORS: Fraternal twin with very neat handwriting
CONVICTIONS: Writing in a notebook, aiding/abetting family on killing spree to thwart
LAST SEEN: Hanging out the window of a converted school bus/RV on a cross-country road trip
LAST HEARD: Telling a story while walking their dogs in the woods with her twin Ollie
STORY: HOUSE AMOK by Sebela & McManus debuts in August

NAME: Tini Howard
PRIORS: Thinks about death a lot
CONVICTIONS: Writing comics like ASSASSINISTAS and Hack/Slash Resurrection
LAST SEEN: Writing a comic about this mortal coil, what lies above and beyond
LAST HEARD: Siouxie and the Banshees, Cocteau Twins
STORY: EUTHANAUTS by Howard & Robles debuts in JULY, interview feature in the
BLACK CROWN QUARTERLY #3 in stores 4.25

Join us next week for more 4-color fun and frolics at and follow us @blackcrownhq #therulingclass

March 30, 2018

To celebrate issue #6 of KID LOBOTOMY in stores now, we’re saluting fan-favorite character OTTLA KAFKA.Sometimes the titular character of a comic book series takes a backseat to a member of the supporting cast.It was apparent from early days that this was going to happen with OTTLA. Both writer PETER MILLIGAN and artist TESS FOWLER had a great affinity this intriguing, complex character.Sure, Ottla has a special kind of turn-down service in her day job at “The Suites” hotel, but she’s many things to Kid.A CONFIDANT.THESPIAN.PROTECTOR.LOVER.Artist TESS FOWLER had Ottla figured out from the get-go.Here’s a shot of our new booth graphic that debuted at last week’s WONDERCON!
See you next week for more convivial times!

March 23, 2018

It’s year 2 for BLACK CROWN at Wondercon and we have lots of surprises coming up.
While you’re here, let’s check in with the regular books to see what was notable this week: PUNKS NOT DEAD #2 clocked in with impressive reviews. Highlights include:
To put it simply: Never mind the bollocks, here’s Punks Not Dead. Rating 5/5.–Big Comic Page“Visually outstanding!” —Aipt!“This issue is a can’t miss. 9/10” –Comics: The Gathering
“… interesting characters…well-paced world building …keeps readers invested and guessing…”—MultiversityASSASSINISTAS #4Find out who’s spying, who’s lying and who’s frying the bacon! KID LOBOTOMY #6 brings the “A Lad Insane” storyline to a close next Wednesday, March 28. Top L to R: Cover B by Julian Dassai. Cover A by Nick Robles. Bottom: Interior art panels by co-creator Tess Fowler. Keep watching for photo ops and secrets spilled tonight as #therulingclass takes on Anaheim!





March 16, 2018
In honor of St. Patrick’s Day tomorrow, we salute The Mighty Merry Mister Milligan and his KID, as in LOBOTOMY, aka O’Milligan***. Confused yet? Join the queue.
***O’Milligan = Son of Milligan

Here’s a panel from each of the BLACK CROWN series that sports a certain shade of green.

This unlettered page from issue #6, the final chapter of KID LOBOTOMY: A LAD INSANE, is in stores next Wednesday, March 21. Art by Tess Fowler. Color by Lee Loughridge.

Below: Raygun Schematic design by Philip Bond, a son of a gun, but not the son of Milligan.

ASSASSINISTAS #4 cover by Gilbert Hernandez with color by Rob Davis stars Blood Diamond and her pet iguana, Lazy Susan. Written by Tini Howard.

PUNKS NOT DEAD #2 hits stores next Wednesday, March 21! By David Barnett and Martin Simmonds. Cover by Simmonds.

EUTHANAUTS main characters L to R: Thalia Rosewood next to her Soul Atrium suit.Mercy Wolfe next to her Wrath Lily suit. Art by Nick Robles. Written by Tini Howard. Coming in July!

HOUSE AMOK debuts in August with a summer vacation you’ll never forget. Written by Christopher Sebela and illustrated by Shawn McManus. Cover by McManus.

See you next week from WONDERCON, Anaheim’s famed convention, wherein we’ll stalk celebrities like Gilbert and Natalia Hernandez and attend secret meetings with comics innovators!
Plus: Don’t miss our BLACK CROWN PANEL takes place on Friday, March 23 from 4:30 – 5:30 in room 213AB. For now, have far too many convivial times at your local Irish pub!





March 9, 2018

This edition of is dedicated to CHRIS RYALL, a great boss to all of us at The Crown. May he continue to drink Guinness wherever he lands. (He’s currently on a plane to some exotic locale).
For those of you who don’t believe me, take a close look at the BLACK CROWN QUARTERLY #1.

Now go closer. That pint glass is filled to the brim. Art by Rob Davis.

The drinks this week are on Publicity Manager Steven Scott, who also departs IDW for other orbits in the comics world.

Cheers — and more beers, please! Hand model: Philip J. Bond.

Thanks to all the fans and creatives who made EMERALD CITY COMICS CON my absolute favorite stateside convention.

Far too much fun was had — especially meeting up as the official Team EUTHANAUTS for the big summer announcement.

Left to right on location at a “convention interlude” at the David Bowie/Mick Rock Exhibit at Seattle’s Mo Pop Museum: writer Tini Howard, some Bowie fan, artist Nick Robles.

Bowie on an old tele.

Note to self: If you ever get drunk enough to get a tattoo, it can only be this one.

Bowie on giant screen from the “Life on Mars” video.

Tini Howard live on the SYFYwire Twitch stage was effervescent as ever.

On the BLACK CROWN HQ work front, there wasn’t a moment’s rest post ECCC. The BLACK CROWN QUARTERLY #3 was due to the printer on Wednesday. Cover by Dilraj Mann.

Here are a few interior work-in-progress highlights: GHOST-WALK WITH ME, written by Tini Howard, illustrated by Philip Bond, colored by Eva de la Cruz and lettered by Aditya Bidikar.

PRETTY IN PUNK, an exclusive PUNKS NOT DEAD short story, by David Barnett and Martin Simmonds.

That’s all we have time for in this week’s Happy Hour at THE BLACK CROWN PUB. Stop by next Friday for more convivial times and adventures in story, art & design!
I leave you with an insanely cool logo designed by PND artist Martin Simmonds.

And a BLACK CROWN: THE RULING CLASS video with compliments to Steven Scott for the unbridled irreverence!

March 2, 2018

One year ago, we broke the news about BLACK CROWN with these guys. Stage Left: Graeme from THR and Jarrod from DoomRocket. One year later a pub reunion was in order.

Graeme dressed to impressed with an outfit to match ASSASSINISTAS #3, in stores next Wednesday, March 7. Comic book from Black Crown. Logo and pants color 100% yellow, 5% magenta. Brand of pants: unknown.

Meanwhile, outside the convention center…

Artist Nick Robles was last seen working hard at his table. His first BLACK CROWN work is the cover to KID LOBOTOMY #6. His next BLACK CROWN work…? Come to the BLACK CROWN: THE RULING CLASS panel today at 6:30 and you might find out.

PUNKS NOT DEAD co-creator/artist Martin Simmonds and tablemate Mike Garley hardly working. Find out why PND is alive & kicking at the Black Crown panel today at 6:30 in TCCL3

Meanwhile outside Barneys New York Seattle…

Swag will be had at today’s panel! And follow us here throughout the weekend for more pics + antics from your favorite band of comic book miscreants!

February 23rd, 2018

Black Crown chalk board

Thanks to all the fans who picked up issue #1 of PUNKS NOT DEAD and all the reviewers
who raved and made PND a 5-star, ink-studded debut!

Punks not dead

It was a busy week at BCHQ. Lots of moving pieces but we were able to get the imprint’s
first trade paperback, KID LOBOTOMY: A LAD INSANE, to the printer.  Here’s a glimpse
if the back cover –

Kid Lobotomy image
Kid Lobotomy cover

ASSASSINISTAS #4 also made its way to Korea to hit the press. A few highlights below
include a favorite panel by co-creator/artist GILBERT HERNANDEZ —

Assassinistas image

— and a retro cool retailer incentive cover by Paulina Ganucheau complete with a glittery
rainbow grad logo.

Assassinistas 04 cover

BLACK CROWN QUARTERLY #3 is being assembled as we speak & the CANONBALL
COMICS feature is going to make you mental! In a good way — if you like gorgons…

Cannon Ball Comics

Next week is EMERALD CITY COMIC CON and the start of the second leg of BLACK
CROWN’S Comics + Chaos Tour! Be there to find out what’s next on deck from

Flannel shirt

And while I’m sporting flannel in Seattle, this website will be taken over by one of the
characters from PND.  You’ve been warned.

February 16th, 2018

Black Crown Chalk board of events

In honor of next Wednesday’s debut of PUNKS NOT DEAD,
it’s a complete and utter PND takeover!

PND takeover image

Here’s what they’ve said about PUNKS NOT DEAD:

Punks not dead take over image
Punks not dead cover image

PND writer David Barnett posted a superb thread on Twitter about how to find/buy PUNKS NOT DEAD for your non-comics reading friends and relatives.
It was such a helpful piece of information that I’ve decided to post it here for your friends and my relatives:

How to buy punks not dead image
How to buy punks not dead image continued

Here’s an art blast by the inimitable illustrator
MARTIN SIMMONDS from issue #2:

Punks not dead 02 cover

In case you forgot, the first issue of PND
with the neon hit can be yours next WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 21!

Punks not dead 01 cover

Here’s the Retailer Incentive Cover for issue #2 which I need to confess is now my absolute favorite comic book cover of all time!

Punks not dead retailer cover

And finally, because you demanded it: A superior interior
design update from the new BLACK CROWN Los Angeles HQ:

Assassinistas poster

Don’t forget to keep coming back to
every Friday for Happy Hour at 4 PST/midnite UTC.

abstract image pink and white

Convivial times for one and all!

punk rocker

February 9th, 2018

Black Crown chalk board happy birthdy holly johnson
New Black Crown HQ

Welcome to the Pleasure Dome, the new BLACK CROWN HQ!
I had hope to show off some superior interior design this week but found myself mired in deadlines!
So next week, with any luck, you’ll see some serious writing and art on the walls of my humble comics abode.

Meanwhile, here’s what’s new by the book:

KID LOBOTOMY #6 is on its way to the printer and we’re already putting the trade paperback together.
Here’s a favorite panel from the final issue of the A LAD INSANE arc.
Art by Tess Fowler.  Color by Lee Loughridge. Lettering by Aditya Bidikar.  Script by the mighty Milligan.

A Lad Insane photo

ASSASSINISTAS #4 is well on its way to being your favorite issue to date.
Here are a few panels of Octavia in action. Art by Beto!


PUNKS NOT DEAD gets its official comics debut on Wednesday, February 21!
Here’s a peek at a favorite panel from the series.
Art by Martin Simmonds.

Punks Not Dead sneak peak

The BLACK CROWN QUARTERLY #3 is in the works.
Cara McGee’s spot illustrations for SWELL MAPS,
written by Cathi Unsworth, are a regular highlight.
The Newcastle feature stars this iconic art school glam+glitter rock duo!

Glam+Glitter rock duo

Finally, we announced that BLACK CROWN will be releasing a softcover edition of that
Kickstarter sensation, FEMME MAGNIFIQUE.  Available in September, the anthology that
salutes 50 female trailblazers by over 100 of comics finest talents boasts a new cover
designed by Philip Bond with french flaps!
More details can be found here thanks to PASTE: CLICK HERE

See you next week with more office shots, updates from your favorite BLACK CROWN
titles and customary convivial times for one and all!

February 2, 2018

Black Crown Happy Hour Birthday for Jim Rugg

Today’s Happy Hour salute goes to JIM RUGG of Street Angel fame
who celebrated a birthday yesterday and illustrated the variant cover for

Assasinistas cover #5

In other news, today PASTE announced the release of BLACK CROWN’s
softcover version of that Kickstarter sensation, FEMME MAGNIFIQUE!

Check out the details HERE.

Here’s a page from Jim Rugg’s FEMME MAGNIFIQUE
salute to Skateboard Hall of Famer Cindy Whitehead!

Girl is not a 4 letter word
skateboard drawing

Yesterday was moving day for BLACK CROWN HQ
to a brand-new Los Angeles location. Expect superior interior
design pics very soon. For now…

Black Crown office
Greater Los Angeles Press club picture

Don’t be shy! Write down your complaints, compliments, cocktail recipes and cake
concoctions!  Send a scan or an e-mail to our letters pages! (press club pen compliments
of Santa Bond)




Looking toward the future image

Here’s to many more convivial times on the horizon at

January 26, 2018

Black Crown chalk image Hex Education Happy Hour

We dedicate this edition of Happy Hour to Mark E. Smith of THE FALL, a punk poet
provocateur of DIY, deconstructionism and musical chairs (see revolving band members).

Black Crown Quarterly Cover

To celebrate the one-and-only winter’s edge comics compendium, here’s a panel from
each of the main features in the BCQ #2, hitting your LCBS next Wednesday, January 31:

Tales from Black Crown Pub 01


Four Chambers


Rich and Strange


Cannonball Comics






Hey, Amateur!

You shouldn’t really see this

Punks Not Dead

I’ll probably get in trouble


Don’t look now

c'mon bug face

See you next week for more cracking tunes & convivial times at THE BLACK CROWN
PUB at the cross street of Canon & Great Yarn.

Black Crown Logo

January 19th, 2018

Black Crown chalk board Punks Not Dead

Be sure to stop by your LCBS and pick up
this FREE handout to find out more about PND!
Thx to my local HOUSE OF SECRETS
in Burbank for the epic display.

Punks Not Dead covers

Also live from HOUSE OF SECRETS
and officially out in the wild:

Assasinistas 02 cover

Just sent ASSASSINISTAS #3 to the printer
and I’ve gotta report that it’s the best issue to date.
Since Colorists never get enough attention
I wanted to take a moment to give props to colorists Rob Davis
and Robin Henley for the smooth, uber cool warmth on this image.
It’s my favorite panel in the issue and quite possibly
my favorite Gilbert panel to date.

Assasinistas art

Also a shout-out to PHILIP BOND who designs the fab
fake ads that you see in all the BLACK CROWN titles.
Like this one:

Bulletproof baby-pod image

NEXT UP:  KID LOBOTOMY #4 hits the stands
on Wednesday, January 24.  Don’t miss out on the variant covers.
Exhibit A, far left, is by the incredible graphic draftsman
RORY PHILLIPS. Exhibit B is the Retailer Incentive cover
illustrated by co-creator/artist TESS FOWLER with color
by the amazing TAMRA BONVILLAIN. Fifth color copper
metallic compliments of TriVision.

Kid Lobotomy Cover

See you next week for more sneak peeks
& convivial times at!

Sneak peak covers

January 12th, 2018

Black Crown chalkboard in honor of John Sargent


Anything that crosses my desk
that knocks me to my knees gets pinned.

Assasinistas art

Here’s a sneak peek at artwork by Shawn McManus
with coloring by Lee Loughridge from the
It’s for the [redacted].

Black Crown Quarterly 02 cover


ASSASSINISTAS #2 hits stores next Wednesday!
Here’s the Retailer Incentive Cover with a foil logo

Assasinistas #2 cover

Here’s a snippet of a script by TINI HOWARD
from an upcoming ASSASSINISTAS issue.
No big spoilers but if you’re nervous,
look away or keep scrolling.

Spoilers image

The BCQ #2 pullout poster is ripe + ready to hang on your wall!

BCQ #2 poster

Here’s a snippet of Fergie’s interview in the BCQ #2

interview snippet


Black Crown pub catalogue

See you next week for more Convivial Times

January 5th, 2018

Black Crown ChalkBoard happy hour

In honor of the new year, here are some things
in progress you need to see…

Black Crown image
Black Crown punk image

And hear!

Black SLAM! image


Punks Not Dead critics

And fear…

Black Crown art


Black Crown image

See you next week for more convivial times!

December 29th, 2017

Black Crown chalkboard badass bounty hunter
Viva Comics

And now for some sneak peeks at what’s ahead in January:


Say no more: KID LOBOTOMY #4 is a very special issue
featuring everyone’s favorite hotel chambermaid,
Ottla. In stores on January 17.
By Peter Milligan and Tess Fowler.

Kid Lobotomy art

ASSASSINISTAS #2 by Tini Howard & Gilbert Hernandez
will be out in the wild on January 24th.
Cover A by Gilbert Hernandez
with color by Rob Davis.
Cover B by Cara McGee.

Kid Lobotomy art

at the end of the month on January 31.
Here’s a glimpse of the HEY, AMATEUR!
feature by Leah Moore and Nanna Venter.
Lettering by House Letter Mr. Aditya Bidikar!

Hey Amatuer! art

February will be here before you know it,
but forget your bloody valentine…
PUNKS NOT DEAD #1 is on press as we speak!
Look for it at you LCBS on February 21

Punks Not Dead Cover

As we celebrate the final Happy Hour Friday of 2017 we wanted to thank everyone —
readers, retailers, creators, reviewers — for an exceptional launch year.
The only resolution?
#vivacomics #vivablackcrown #therulingclass
HAPPY NEW YEAR! Here’s to many more convivial times ahead! Join us for far too much
fun + frolic on the flip side!

The Ruling Class image

December 21st, 2017


“Howard weaves a complex network of race, class, and gender dynamics into the relationships at the core of the series that sit like tripwires between them.ASSASSINISTAS isn’t a swirl, a mash up, or a novelty. It’s a complex engine of performance parts that took careful consideration and a fearless attitude to assemble.
The Verdict: 10/10


Gilbert Hernandez’s art fuses together in bliss with Tini Howards’s narrative. ASSASSINISTAS #1 is another comic that sets Black Crown on the map. Howard is set to captivate you with her enthralling characters, engaging storytelling and overall badass attitude. This team will blow you away with what they have in store next. Assassinistas

“Hooked on the speed and style. Think Charlie’s Angels but with higher stakes and more powerful women…”

“…there is a magic to this comic that comes through in Hernandez’s art…
—Multiversity Comics

“Gilbert Hernandez’s art is one of a kind, Tini Howard combines domestic drama with grindhouse film thrills.  Assassinistas #1 is the tasty comic book dessert you deserve for getting through 2017…”
—Graphic Policy

“…a stylistically unique book, and well-written…”

“With a diverse blend of humour, drama and mystery, Assassinistas has exploded out of the gate….” 4/5

“With art that looks ripped right out an Adult Swim program and a story packed with enough emotion and humor to keep it interesting, Assassinistas proves to be a stellar read.”
—Comic Bastards

Assasinistas cover art

December 15th, 2017

Greetings, Thirsty Readers!
We promise not to disappoint today
by serving up lots of ASSASSINISTAS features
to get you stoked for next Wednesday, December 20,
when issue #1 drops at your LCBS!
First up: Believe the hype!
Assasinistas promo image

Putting Tini Howard and Gilbert Hernandez in each other’s laser sights was an easy feat
upon first glimpse of Tini’s proposal. I instantly saw the masterful Beto’s brushwork on
those badass bounty hunters — and roller skaters! I first discovered Tini’s work upon
reading THE SECRET LOVES OF GEEK GIRLS collection by Hope Nicholson.  While
many of the stories in that esteemed collection were impressive, only Tini’s cadence
grabbed me by the peter pan collar and refused to let go.   I reached out to Tini the
following day, hoping I could persuade her to write comics for me one day. And Voila!
There was a goth soundtrack that accompanied the aforementioned scenario too (natch!)
More on that in the next DEFINITE ARTICLE: SPILLED TRADE SECRETS column.

Assasinistas art

Octavia preps for a kidnapping caper that brings her back to her former occupation.  Bring
on the bulletproof vest! Art by Gilbert Beto Hernandez.  Colors by Rob Davis. Words by
Tini Howard.

Assasinistas art

Winnie’s Roller Rink is the connection to BLACK CROWN’S Canon Street, the location
where the characters in the BLACK CROWN shared landscape can commingle and share
a pint or three. Winnie’s is also a front for choice materials needed when on a top secret
mission.  Words/Art/Colors see credits above.

Tini Howard image

Excited for everyone to check out ASSASSINISTAS! If you’re not into girls with guns who
know how to use them, the neo modern family or epic art, come for the peanut butter and
pixie sticks! Kyler did! (see below).

See you next week for more convivial times as we countdown the hours until Xmas, I
mean ASSASSINISTAS #1! In stores next Wednesday, December 20 from your friends at

eeee image

December 8th, 2017

This edition of Happy Hour at The Black Crown Pub
has been cancelled due to deadline fever
and far too many >hic!< deadlines…
Major apologies but hope to see you here
next week at 4 PST and midnight UTC!

Love & Lager,
The Management

Black Crown Quarterly image

December 1st, 2017

Black Crown ChalkBoard coundown to Assasinistas

In honor of the early debut of ASSASSINISTAS on 12.20.17,
we’re sharing some behind-the-scenes documents that
may or may not inform your future!
*lots to read, be wary!

To-do List image

Of course the only person to instantly come to mind to bring ASSASSINISTAS to its true
visual glory was the one and only GILBERT “Beto” HERNANDEZ! I’ve know Gilbert since
1998 when he came along with writer/co-creator Peter Bagge to illustrate a fun series I
edited called YEAH!.  Surely I would be able to somehow persuade him to join our BLACK
CROWN coterie…? Truth be told, Tini’s pitch did all the heavy lifting! I didn’t even need to
raid my record collection for original pressings of “Give ‘Em Enough Rope” or “Diamond
Dogs.” Gilbert was in from the get-go. (note to self: phew x 100! those albums were hard to
steal…I mean find!).

Assasinistas art

Two favorite panels from the series.

Assasinistas art

My editing process is unlike anyone else’s for better or worse.
After I print out the script document, I do a swift, cold read while sitting on my hands.  No lie.  If I have a red pen in
my paw, I will use it without fail.  And that’s a freshman editor’s first mistake. You will read
a script MANY times throughout the editing process.  The first read is critical to take it all
in.  But no red pen is needed. I didn’t say ever.  Just not yet.

Pizza box and champagne image

Upon finishing the first cold read, I’ll pull out said red pen and jot down my favorite words
and phrases on an index card or a fancy BLACK CROWN word balloon sheet.  Whatever I
need to record should fit on a small space.  These are the very lines/buzz words/gems of
panel description, dialogue, character sketches or color notes that stick to the editor’s ribs
from first blush. These are absolutely essential in capturing the heart and soul of the writer’s story.

playnice image

Two words to the KID LOBOTOMY team that I picked up for them while in the UK at the
Thought Bubble convention in Leeds. In fact, people of Planet Earth and every other: Heed
these two bloody words! And respect one another!

See you next week right here at the BLACK CROWN PUB for more convivial times at our
weekly Friday HAPPY HOUR!