Archie’s Madhouse

Greatest stories from this swinging 1960’s title now is stores

Archie's MadhouseNow available in stores, ARCHIE’S MADHOUSE is crammed-full of searing satire, silly surrealism, sick superheroes, mirthful monsters, and, of course, tantalizing girls as only the Archie artists can draw them! 

An infamously swinging 1960’s title, Madhouse was the birthplace of the bewitching Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Captain Sprocket and the comic host with the most, Clyde Didit.

Artists include powerhouses like Dan DeCarlo, Harry Lucey, Chic Stone, Bob White and even Wally Wood, each filling every page of Madhouse with laughs and lunacy and nutty fun. In ARCHIE’S MADHOUSE, Craig Yoe collects the best of the best stories and features, and introduces Mad House with rare art and behind the scenes secrets.

Said Yoe, “I don’t think any book I’ve ever done offers more fun that this material from Archie artists at their zaniest! Archie, satire fans and Good Girl Art fans are gonna go ape!”

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ARCHIE’S MADHOUSE ($29.99, hardcover, full color, 204 Pages, 8.5” x 11”) is now available where books are sold and through ISBN: 978-1-60010-790-0.