All About the New IDW Apps and Digital Comics

IDW Publishing has partnered with Madefire to launch an all-new collection of apps.

Presenting the new IDW family of apps:

IDW Comics
Transformers Comics
Star Trek Comics
TMNT Comics
MLP Comics

These apps are available right now for iOS with Android and Windows 8 launching soon. Over the next few months, we’ll also have great apps for TV screens and console game devices!

Along with thousands of digital comics and graphic novels, the new apps now include awesome Motion Books by Madefire!

If you’ve been reading your comics on previous IDW apps and also have bought some of your books through comiXology, we’ve made sure that your entire comic collection will sync and remain complete in the new IDW apps with just a few quick steps!

Here’s the important part:

1. Create a NEW account in any one of the new IDW family of apps, using the same email address you used to register for the previous IDW apps and comiXology. Note, if you have a Madefire account already, you can go to “I have an Account” and sign in with that.

2. Once you register with the correct email address, all of your previous comic purchases will show in the My Books list on the new IDW family of apps.

That’s it!

Once you buy a book in any of the new IDW family of apps, the new purchase also goes to your My Books list and is available to read in the IDW app as well as in the Madefire app.

If you have made purchases in the IDW app and ALSO have made purchases in comiXology, all of those purchase up to June 4th, 2015 will follow you to the new apps. If you ONLY used the comiXology app (or other readers) before June 4th, 2015, we cannot import you catalog. We can only import books if they were tied to an IDW app. All your previous purchases do remain with comiXology, and most of our comics are available there as DRM free downloads.[/box]

Enjoy all your favorite IDW comics EVERYWHERE!

You can buy directly from IDW online at – download your favorite titles in a variety of formats, most DRM free!

We also offer our entire line on Madefire, comiXology, the Apple iBookstore, Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, Scribd, and just about every other digital reader in the known universe!

If you have any questions, shoot us an email: