Lorelei Bunjes

Lorelei Bunjes is the Vice President of Digital Services at IDW Publishing, overseeing the company’s IT infrastructure along with digital design and production.

During her time at IDW, she has introduced new technologies and information systems that have vastly improved the company’s operations and efficiencies. IDW’s editors can now quickly and easily collaborate with artists and writers located around the world while the operations team can coordinate with printers and distributors globally. In addition to improving and supporting IDW’s operations and logistics with technology, Lorelei has helped bring comic publishing to a number of digital platforms.

Lorelei has developed several internal workflows and software tools that significantly reduced digital comic production time while improving quality and keeping up to date with the latest specs for the multiple file types required by different platforms.

She also manages the ongoing development and delivery of tools and promotional collateral for IDW’s marketing and sales teams, allowing them to manage easily relationships with hundreds of media outlets and to distribute promotional items quickly. She also coordinates with IDW’s marketing team to develop and distribute digital newsletters and social media pushes that reach tens of thousands every week.

Lorelei has been a panelist at several events on the topic of digital comics, including the San Diego Comic-Con and Hollywood Book Fair, and has spoken at the University of California, San Diego about the comics industry. She has been a finalist for the San Diego Top Tech Exec award in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 and recently appeared on Bleeding Cool’s Top 100 Power List, a list of the most powerful persons in the comic industry.

Before IDW Lorelei worked at the Department of Culture and the Arts, Western Australia, where she oversaw the redevelopment of the department’s website and coordinate the online strategies of portfolio organizations such as the State Library, State Museum, State Art Gallery, and more. Previously, Lorelei was an Assistant Editor of Multimedia at DC Comics.