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11 Original Stories of Zombie on Robot Action–and Vice Versa! ZVR: THIS MEANS WAR! takes IDW's splatterific Zombie vs Robots comic book series–created by writer Chris Ryall and artist Ashley Wood–and expands it in ways that will redefine both zombie and robot fiction. A shambling cohort of top horror and fantasy writers from across the globe (okay, Canada, England, Australia, and Bakersfield) have devoted themselves to making evocative word-pictures in your brain of this delicious cult series.


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All New ZVR Mayhem — In Words!
An Original Prose Story Every Week for Eight Weeks
Only 99 ¢ each. "COLLECT THEM ALL!"

Brea Grant — "Pammi Shaw: Creator of Gods and Also Blogger"
Undercity's lone survivor continues her blog and meets a digital deity with its own ideas about the zombie apocalypse.

Steve Rasnic Tem — "To Denver (With Hiram Battling Zombies)"
What happens when high-grade chronic is tainted by zombie blood—find out here.

Nancy A. Collins — "Angus: Zombie-Versus-Robot Fighter"
A young man is trained by his scientist father to fight zombies, robot-style. What could go wrong?

Nick Mamatas — "Throckmorton's Bad Day"
Well before the arrival of the zombie apocalypse, young Herbert (seen later on Dr. Throckmorton in the ZVR comics) tries to out his special drug concoctions on the local population of addicts. The results will have unforseen consequences for his future self.

Amber Benson — "Mademoiselle Consuela and Her Army of One"
Like a princess in a tower, young Consuela lives alone on a secluded island with only her loyal Warbot for company. And then the pirates come.

Don Webb — "The Wizards Versus the Bots"
Can black magic control zombies? What about Warbot?

Kaaron Warren — "The River of Memory"
An Amazon goddess thinks she can restore zombies back into humans. A warbot has its doubts.

Lincoln Crisler — "Kettletop's Revisionary Plot"
A desperate scientist goes back in time in order to prevent the original releze of the Z Virus and save his wife. (This is sure to work.)