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Zombies Vs Robots

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ZvArt Contest #3 The ZvR Video Game -The Winner and the Runner Ups

Congratulations to Matt Gessford! He is the winner of the Third ZvART Contest.

ZvArt Contest #3: The ZvR Video Game Edition

ZvArt Contest #2: Deface and Disfigure – The Winner and Runner Ups!

and the winner is…

ZvArt Contest #1: ZvR Animated – The Winner and the Runner Ups!

Zombies Vs Robots: Ongoing #2 Preview

ZvArt Contest #2: Deface and Disfigure

All right, for this second ZvR contest, it’s time to channel your inner high-school graffiti artist. See, when I was in high school, most everyone carried these old-school Pee-Chee folders. And the first thing we did upon having them was deface them, with other art, band names, high-school crushes, anarchy symbols, pot leaves, skateboarding symbols

Ryall vs. Niles

Steve Niles and Chris Ryall recently sat down to play mad libs while discussing zombie Centaurs, mindless automatons, and beginning at the end.

Preview Zombies Vs Robots: Ongoing #1

Chris Ryall Discusses the New Ongoing Zombies Vs. Robots Series

Starting in January 2015, Zombies Vs Robots returns to IDW as an ongoing series. Editor Chris Ryall recently sat down with PREVIEWSworld editor Vince Brusio to discuss all things ZVR.


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