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Eighth Seal Interview with James Tynion IV

It’s all in your head… The Eighth Seal arrives in stores this December, and writer James Tynion IV is here to tell you why you can’t miss out on this uniquely chilling horror!

Nightmares and Reality Blur In The Eighth Seal

Mark Waid & Barry Kitson’s Empire Continues With An Uprising

Mark Waid & Barry Kitson’s Empire Continues With An Uprising The IDW Publishing / Thrillbent partnership kicks off with Empire, the fan-favorite series by Mark Waid and Barry Kitson. In April, IDW will be releasing a print edition of the original Empire graphic novel as well as the first issue of its monthly sequel, Empire:

Mark Waid & John Rogers’ THRILLBENT Comes To Print At IDW

The Next Phase Is Here In 2012, award-winning comics writer Mark Waid and writer/producer John Rogers launched Thrillbent, a digital comics webportal and an experiment in new-media comic-book publishing. Their mission statement: “To challenge 75 years’ worth of accepted ‘rules’ about what comics are and aren’t.” The commitment to this challenge continues as Thrillbent and

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