"IDW is the most original company in the comics game. I'm glad to have played my little part with THROTTLE. Keep the pedal to the metal, guys."
-Stephen King
"Every month, I open up the IDW catalog and breathe a sigh of relief that these guys are on the planet Earth and doing what they do. Their Artist’s Editions are literally my comic-book dreams come true. I used to fantasize about looking at the original art of these amazing stories and now I feel like I own all of them."
-Brian Michael Bendis, comic-book writer/screenwriter
"A distinct pleasure to be in the IDW family. Happy 15th anniversary. And many more."
-Gene Simmons, KISS bassist/rock god, reality star, mogul
"Thank you for the opportunity to celebrate the work we have done together. Let the record show that there are no adaptations of my novels into comic book form that succeed so completely as IDW's re-envisioning of The Great and Secret Show and The Thief of Always. You guided the projects through their adolescence to a triumphant maturity assisted by the genius of two great artists. The fact that the resulting projects were so very different speaks of a key strength in IDW's methodology. Always something new out of IDW!"
-Clive Barker, novelist, artist, filmmaker
"IDW welcomed me into the world of comics and has been a wonderful partner to collaborate with."
-Jennifer Love Hewitt, Actress
"IDW has figured it out: make great books and comics; respect the creators and the fans; and have fun doing it. That is a true magic formula!"
-Jonathan Maberry, New York Times bestselling author and multiple Bram Stoker Award winner
"For me, IDW is the only place I can really call home in comics. They treat creators square. They keep their promises. They are focused on and committed to making the best comics they can. Believe me, those are rarities to be prized. Long live IDW." -Chuck Dixon, author/comic-book writer
-Chuck Dixon, author/comic-book writer
"If bacon is the king of meat, then in my humble estimation, IDW is surely the bacon of comics."
-David Slade, Director, 30 Days of Night
"15 years? IDW must stand for Is Doing Well! It doesn’t? I see. What’s that? Sure, I’ll get out of your house."
-Taran Killam, actor/writer
"I have been a friend and fan of IDW since its very creation-and am even more impressed with them now. A true innovator in our industry, with the highest regard for all creators, as well as showcasing some of the very best upcoming talent."
-Kevin Eastman, Co-Creator of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and publisher of Heavy Metal Magazine
"IDW is a home for storytellers. They treat them well and give them space to flourish. What more could you want?"
-Seth Meyers, Saturday Night Live head writer
IDW has freed me from hording my original art collection. Their giant books printing comic art full size make it redundant to own original art anymore. They have raised the bar on quality product that is unmatched by any other publisher and I’m pleased to call them my friends.
-William Wray, Fine Artist/Cartoonist
"IDW publishes from the artist's point of view. It's always quality, always interesting, and never afraid to push the boundaries."
-Aron Wiesenfeld, Fine Artist
"IDW is the partiest company in the world of comics, and they're only getting partier with each passing year."
-Andrew W.K.
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Godzilla: Half Century War