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07_Walter-Simonsons-Manhunter-and-Other-Stories-Artists-Edition-cover REMARQUED

Walter Simonson’s Manhunter & Other Stories Artist’s Edition Limited Signed, Numbered & Remarqued Variant


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Diamond Code: JUN140342C

Product Description

Manhunter by Archie Goodwin and Walter Simonson was one of the most acclaimed series of the 1970s, winning numerous awards along the way—not bad for a backup feature that only ran seven episodes! This Artist’s Edition presents the original run of Manhunter, as well as a classic Batman story, Dr. Fate, Metal Men, and Captain Fear tales.

This very limited edition variant is signed & remarqued by Walter Simonson and is numbered as one of a limited edition of 50 copies.

$250, Limited to 50 copies, 2 per person

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