Angel Digital Bundle


In Angel’s final television season, his world ended… but his story didn’t. Picking up where Season Five of the fan-favorite TV show left off, this bundle takes a looks at who lived after that climactic battle, who died, and what happened to all of Los Angeles in its wake.

Included in this Bundle:
Angel: A Hole in the World
Angel: After The Fall Vol.1 – Vol. 6
Angel: Auld Lang Syne
Angel: Barbary Coast
Angel: Blood and Trenches
Angel: Immortality For Dummies
Angel: Old Friends
Angel: Only Human
Angel: Smile Time
Angel: Spotlight
Angel: The Crown Prince Syndrome
Angel: The Curse
Angel: The Wolf, The Ram, and The Heart
Illyria: Haunted
Spike Vs. Dracula
Spike: After The Fall Vol.1
Spike: Alone Together Now
Spike: Asylum
Spike: Stranger Things
Spike: The Devil You Know
Spike: Shadow Puppets
Angel: Lorne
Angel Vs. Frankenstein
Angel Vs. Frankenstein 2
Angel Yearbook
Spike: Old Wounds
Spike: Old Times
Spike: Lost and Found
Angel: Mask(s)

TAGS: Action-Adventure, Fantasy, Media Tie-In, Sci-Fi