Life & Art of Alex Toth Genius Trilogy Limited Edition Signed & Numbered Slipcase and Library Card Set

Toth slipcase_solo_1000

Exclusively available in the IDW online store. This listing is for the slipcase & library card set only; NO BOOKS ARE INCLUDED.

IDW proudly presents this Limited Edition Signed & Numbered Slipcase and Library Card set for the Life & Art of Alex Toth Genius Trilogy: Genius Isolated, Genius Illustrated & Genius Animated. The slipcase artwork features Toth sketches on both sides and the special library card, signed and numbered by the authors, features a previously unpublished pencil sketch of the Fox.

Alex Toth is revered as one of the greatest of all comics artists. Others laud his pioneering work in animation, including his groundbreaking designs for Space Ghost and The Herculoids. His work influenced countless professionals in both fields, but Toth was more than a unique and influential artist. He was a keenly insightful philosopher about comics, cartooning, and animation—with opinions on how they are created as opposed to how he felt they should be created.

10” x 13.5” x 4.75” - Slipcase (no books included)
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