Darby Pop Publishing Announces Partnership with IDW

New venture promises bright future for both companies San Diego, CA (July 20,  2013) – Darby Pop Publishing is pleased to announce it has entered into a publishing and distribution partnership with premier comic book publisher IDW.  The announcement was made during Comic-Con International: San Diego. Darby Pop Publishing was founded in 2012 by writer/ showrunner


THE HIGHLY ANITCIPATED SERIES THE STRANGE DEATH OFALEX RAYMOND FINDS A HOME AT IDW San Diego, CA (July 20, 2013) – Prolific creator Dave Sim‘s meta-adventure through the history of photo-realistic artwork, the career and death of Alex Raymond, and much more, will be published by IDW! Sim’s originally self-published work is being completely remastered, redrawn, and reworked before it sees release as its own 18-issue series. About the project,

Sam Kieth’s The Maxx is back!

IDW Returns To The Groundbreaking Series In Multiple Formats San Diego, CA (July 1, 2013) – Sam Kieth’s The Maxx was a runaway sensation when initially published. Kieth’s exquisite artistry and quirky stories resonated with readers who had never seen anything quite like it before. Exploring the strange relationship between two realities, The Maxx follows the dual identities of

Parker Will Return in Slayground!

Darwyn Cooke’s Newest Adaptation Coming In December San Diego, CA (July 20, 2013) – Darwyn Cooke‘s acclaimed Parker series from IDW continues to expand with the classic Slayground. In this newest graphic novel, Parker is put to the test against crooked cops and sleazy gangsters after a heist goes south and he finds himself trapped in an amusement park closed for the