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Horror News Loves Gene Simmons: House of Horrors!

Want to see what kind of comics are produced when Gene Simmons is given the reins?  House of Horrors is the result and it does not disappoint according to Horror News which just reviewed it. A wonderful collection of haunting, macabre and eerie tales brought to you from the demon himself, Gene Simmons. Straight off

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Dark Delicacies #1 is Reviewed by Horror News

The folks over at Horror News got their hands on an advance copy of Dark Delicacies #1, IDW’s new horror anthology produced by Steve Niles and featuring the talents of Joe R. Lansdale and F. Paul Wilson. Set up like “Tales from he Crypt” each edition is designed to feature 2 horror tales by noted

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Horror News Reviews Wormwood, ‘Down the Pub’

Horror News likes Templesmith’s latest Wormwood offering, Down the Pub.  Down the Pub is a special stand alone issue reprinting the very first two original Wormwood short stories plus an all new original Wormwood short by Ben. A cool little read, with even better pen and inks. The backing colors are provided per water colors

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IDW debuts Terminator Salvation Movie Prequel #1

(San Diego, January 12, 2009)  In January, IDW Publishing debuts the comic book prequel to the next Terminator movie, Terminator: Salvation.  The movie is the fourth instalment in the big screen contingent of the action series, starring Christian Bale as John Connor and directed by McG.  The movie opens in May 2009. Terminator: Salvation Movie Prequel is

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Locke & Key Nominated for Best Miniseries!

Start the canvassing!  Locke & Key has been nominated for Best New Miniseries in Wizard Magazine’s 17th Annual Fan Awards.  Other IDW favorites such as Fallen Angel and Angel also get props in the Favorite Female and Licensed Comic categories.  And wouldn’t you know it, IDW also got a nom for Favorite Publisher! So hurry

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Jim Sorenson wants your input on AllSpark Almanac

Writer Jim Sorenson is busy working on the AllSpark Almanac and he wants your input on what should be in it!  Check out his blog and contribute. I’m plugging away, writing The AllSpark Almanac guide to Transformers Animated. I wanted to get some feedback on a few issues. 1: I’m going to be interviewing some of

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