Chris Ryall, Drew Moss, and Dave Sim Launch THE COLONIZED in April!   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE San Diego, CA (December 14, 2012) – This spring at IDW, where there’s aliens, there’s zombies! In THE COLONIZED, a new four-issue series launching in April, writer Chris Ryall, artist Drew Moss, and cover artist Dave Sim explore the arrival of these strangely interwoven threats in

Dixon and Gulacy Declassify G.I. JOE: SPECIAL MISSIONS!

G.I. JOE: Special Missions, Vol. 1

As part of the re-launch of G.I. JOE comics, based on the iconic brand from Hasbro, IDW Publishing is thrilled to announce G.I. JOE: SPECIAL MISSIONS! A new ongoing series helmed by comics legends Chuck Dixon and Paul Gulacy, G.I. JOE SPECIAL MISSIONS chronicles the G.I. JOE team members still operating undercover in the wake of many of their identities being exposed to the public. Tying directly into the story of Fred Van Lente and Steve Kurth’s G.I. JOE, Special Missions’ first arc shows how the evil BARONESS ends up high and dry in the eponymous G.I. JOE book.

KISS Goes Solo!

A House Divided will Still Rock! FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE San Diego, CA (December 12, 2012) – Echoing their famous series of 1978 solo albums, this March, legendary rockers KISS take to solo adventures in a new miniseries from IDW Publishing! Further exploring the deep mythology that’s made the Kings of Rock hold dual citizenship as

Titles in Stores December 12th, 2012

30 Days of Night #12 Steve Niles (w) • Christopher Mitten (a & c) Fright-master Steve Niles concludes the all-new, critically acclaimed 30 Days of Night series! The war between vampires reaches a fever pitch as Eben Olemaun’s movement collides head-on with the old guard, with Agent Alice Blood directly in the crossfire. It all