BBC Worldwide and IDW Publishing Celebrate Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary

San Diego, CA (July 17, 2013)—IDW Publishing and BBC Worldwide will conclude their joint celebration of the Doctor’s 50th anniversary with the release of a Doctor Who Special the final week of 2013. This oversize issue will be written by fan-favorite Doctor Who writer Paul Cornell and features art by Jimmy Broxton.  In this special one-shot story, a strange force flings the


Digital One-Shot Tells The Whole Story Before The Story! San Diego, CA, (July 17, 2013) – IDW Publishing and Cinemax® announced that the free digital one-shot BANSHEE: ORIGINS has been expanded to include additional content, filling fans in on just how master thief Lucas Hood found his way to the town of Banshee, Pennsylvania in Cinemax’s hit show. The

The Memory Collectors Will Set You Free!

IDW announces a new limited series from the mind of menton3 San Diego, CA (July 16, 2013) – After the twisted journey of surprise indie-hit Monocyte, menton3 is ready to take a new dark path into a world that is not what it seems. The truth will be revealed this October in his newest project, The Memory Collectors. This