Newsarama Names “Star Trek:Deviations #1” 2017 A Best Shot

Newsarama gives Star Trek: Deviations #1 a ‘Rama Rating of 9 out of 10! Written by Donny Cates with art by Josh Hood and Jason Lewis, find out how this special issue won over the critiques.

IDW and its Deviations one-shots now stand 2-0 thanks to Star Trek Deviations. Donny Cates, Jason Lewis, and Josh Hood completely tear down the history of Trek and in its place build a stirring, action-packed tribute to the core ideals and aspirations of the Federation as well as what it represents to both the characters and the fans that love it. This one-shot could have coasted on its killer central idea, but instead it became something more, just like franchise from which it takes its name.

Be sure to catch the full article here! Original article written by David Pepose, Newsarama’s Best Shots team leader.